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Create beautiful presentations from markdown

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Ryan Hoover
The landing page is super unique and memorable.
Nathan Bashaw
Whoa! This is awesome. I wonder how they'll handle slide background images
Zack Shapiro
Feels very tapestry-like
Ryan Hoover
@ZackShapiro I was thinking the same thing.

Markdown files in no time

Write down your thoughts in your favourite text editor, and Deckset will turn them into beautiful presentations.

“The presentations look simple and chic and are easy to accomplish.”

“It’s incredibly simple!”

  • Focus on your ideas, not on designing slides

    Write your presentation as a text document, open it in Deckset, and present. Change and add slides on the fly with just a few keystrokes, even while presenting or in the few precious minutes before.

  • Slash your prep time.

    Preparing slides doesn’t have to be an endless chore. With automatic layout, easy image and video integration you can get to a rich presentation very quickly.

  • A look for every occassion

    Deckset includes 19 amazing looking themes that are designed to work for any audience, whether it’s a business meeting or a tech conference.

  • Hassle free, beautiful, code samples

    Automatic syntax highlighting for 100s of languages and ‘scale-to-fit’ text sizing make special attention or painful formatting a thing of the past.