Dear Sunrise users,  

One last note to let you know that we’re moving on for good to Outlook and shutting down the Sunrise apps on iOS, Android, Mac and Web.  

What’s happening? 

As of today, your calendar will stop updating and any changes you make to it will not be reflected on any other platform. Tomorrow, you will be logged out of your account. Don’t worry though, all the information held in your calendar will still be available on the original platform you were using (Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, etc.).  

What’s next? 

This is definitely the end of an era. But more importantly, it’s the beginning of a new one. We’re excited by what’s ahead and we’d love for you to come and join us in our latest adventure. We’ve kept our promise to bring the magic of Sunrise to the Outlook calendar - and the Outlook inbox while we were at it - and we’re only getting started.  

To have a look at what we’ve been up to you, check out the latest calendar features we’ve released for Outlook on iOS and Android. You can also download the apps directly and try us out (you can find us here on iOS and there on Android).  

This is it

We’d like to extend a final and massive thank you to all of you who’ve supported us along the way. It’s been a hell of a ride. We really hope you enjoyed those years we spent together as much as we did. 

With lots of love, 

As some of you might already know, we were acquired by Microsoft last year and have now moved on to work on Outlook for iOS and Android. Different products, same goal: making your day-to-day life easier and more enjoyable to manage.

The entire Sunrise team is now working side-by-side with the Outlook team and it’s a thrilling moment for us to work on an app of this scale. Unfortunately, as all good stories go, there’s a sad bit to it: we’re not able to support and update Sunrise anymore. No new features. No bug fixes. For us, that’s the definition of a lousy app and it’s not a user experience we want to leave you with. For this reason, we’ll be removing Sunrise from the app stores in the next few days. On August 31st, we’ll officially shut down the app and it will stop working all together.

As heartbreaking as this sounds, we’re hard at work bringing the magic of Sunrise to the Outlook apps, with all your most loved features - interesting calendars, event icons and calendar apps. We’re confident you’ll be able to find our special touch there too.

Whether you decide to follow us to Outlook or not, we couldn’t go without first saying a massive THANK YOU. You’ve been with us all the way and Sunrise wouldn’t have been great without all of you supporting us, sending us feedback, encouraging us to fix bugs and sharing the app with your friends.

Today, we’re taking on a new challenge, helping even more people be more productive on the go. We hope you’ll be there with us too.

With love,

PS: Read the full story on our blog at

Is this even a calendar?

Short answer: It’s way more than a calendar.

Long answer: This is an email app and a calendar app all in one. It lets you easily share files and includes all of your contacts. This is Outlook for iOS and Android. Well, at least the latest version of it.

Since we joined Microsoft at the beginning of the year, we’ve been working increasingly closer with the Outlook team and in particular with the Outlook Mobile team. A few months ago, they asked us to join them in making Outlook for iOS and Android the best productivity apps out there.

Most of you have known us for a while now, and you know how passionate we are about making people’s lives easier and less stressful through beautifully designed apps and well-thought out features. Joining the Outlook Mobile team was our chance to make a difference on a much larger scale, tackling calendar and email all at once, working with people as passionate as we are. It was an offer we couldn’t refuse. We said yes.

We’ve been working for the last few months now with the Outlook team on completely redesigning both their iOS and Android apps with the “Sunrise touch”. Today, we’re sharing our work officially on the Outlook Blog, revealing the iOS app, now available on the App Store, and giving you a glimpse of the Android app, coming soon.

What does this mean for the Sunrise apps? 

Now here comes the sad news. As the entire team is completely focused on the Outlook for iOS and Android apps, we won’t be updating the Sunrise apps anymore. We won’t lie, it’s tough for us to leave behind the apps we’ve been working on so passionately for the past years. Mid-May, we’ll be removing the app from the different app stores. On August 31st, 2016, we’ll be shutting Sunrise all together. 

But then we think about how we are going to be able to bring all of what made Sunrise great to the Outlook Mobile apps. How exciting is that? In the meantime, the Sunrise apps will still be available on their respective app stores.

If you’re thinking about switching, here’s what you should know.

. Some Sunrise features are already present in Outlook for iOS and Android.You can already connect multiple accounts (Office 365 and Exchange obviously, but also Gmail, iCloud and more) to have a complete overview of what your day looks like. The current calendar section of the app also has the agenda view and the day view as well as the expandable month view we had in Sunrise.

. All the features you love in Sunrise are coming to Outlook soonWe are currently working on integrating all the extra features that made Sunrise so delightful to use in Outlook for iOS and Android. Expect features like Interesting Calendars, Connected Apps and our 3-day view to show up before the end of the year.

. We won’t stop innovatingWhile building Sunrise, we were always learning from and listening to you to come up with ways to delight you and make you more productive. This isn’t stopping any time soon and we already have quite a few innovative ideas for Outlook.

Thank you

Whether you’ll be following us at Outlook or not, we want to finish this blog post with a huge thank you. Thank you for being there with us since day one, for pushing us to make a better app, for getting involved and asking questions, for sharing the word around you, for sending us love poems and pictures of our logo around the world. We wouldn’t be here without your support and we wanted to let you know.

We started out as a daily newsletter filled with your agenda 3 years ago. We then grew up into 3 different apps helping millions of users sort out their days. Today, we’re taking on a new challenge, with the goal of helping even more users be more productive on the go, whether it’s through a better calendar or a more seamless email experience. We hope to see you there with us.