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Ryan Hoover
This seems similar to Fitocracy which I tried to make a part of my daily routine but found that it required too much work to update and maintain. I love their direction but perhaps I'm just not their target audience. How does this compare? cc @brianmwang
Murat Mutlu
@rrhoover I've just installed it and seems perfect for weight lifting and tracking your progress if you are intermediate/advanced. Although the UI is a bit clunky to get around
Brian Wang
They share some similar functionality, though Fitocracy has traditionally excelled at the motivation and social interaction. This seems like workout logging might be simpler compared to Fito, I will admit. That said, saving and using routines on Fitocracy makes workout logging quite fast in general. Have you tried that before?
Ryan Hoover
@brianmwang - I need to give Fitocracy another try (it's been over a year). Previously, I had a hard time finding my workouts. I wanted to enter simple flat bench results and couldn't find it (instead several more specific results appeared).
Brian Wang
Ah, yes, the exercise search issue. That does continue to be a nagging UX problem for us. But check out the latest version next week. It puts more focus on using routines so you can quickly call up your commonly done workouts/exercises. For flat bench, try just searching "barbell bench" next time :)

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