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An app for two

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Lyle McKeany
My girlfriend and I use Couple all the time. The recent additions of Live Beacon and Venues (with Foursquare) are really helpful. We've already used it for meeting at a restaurant. They also released a web app version, as well.
Brian Wang
I am a daily user. My fiance and I have completely replaced text messaging with Couple. The stickers + photo sharing make it a real delight.
Kam Bain ✍
Just got this with my girlfriend. Officially replaced iMessage for us it's so cool!! Thanks for the find @lylemckeany As corny as it is it's awesome.
Lyle McKeany
@kam_bain I thought it was kind of corny at first too. But now I love the lists, moments, and reminders for important dates. It's definitely much more than just a messaging app.
Derek Shanahan
Couple is actually incredibly powerful for long-distance relationships, which is how my GF and I started. Now it's our primary mobile communication tool and we recommend it to every couple we know.
Brian Wang
The lists feature is fantastic. We're actually using it to help plan our wedding. Potential business model beyond stickers perhaps? Heh.
Lyle McKeany
I recommend it to couples as well @dshan. Interesting thought on the wedding angle @brianmwang. How are you two using it and how do you think it could be monetized?
Adam Kazwell
Of the people who've used Couple - have you ever tried Curious how it compares.
Brian Wang
@lylemckeany, right now we're using it to draft up invitation lists, wedding reception ideas, and honeymoon ideas. Without having spent really any thought on it, monetization could come in the form of wedding venue suggestions (Couple already knows your location), linking to wedding registries, invitation services, etc.
Lyle McKeany
I like it @brianmwang, especially the location-based suggestions. I didn't even know existed @kaz. It looks extremely similar, although their calendar feature seems like it could be more useful than Couple's.
Kevin Li
stephen davison
It is the best for wedding couples since it's the super tool for mobile communication. Every one should know about this product.
Keep all your moments private & make your memories last forever.
Access your shared timeline anytime, anywhere, on web or mobile.
Find restaurants nearby, create to-do lists, use a shared calendar, and location features to make life easy.
Interact in real-time with Thumbkiss, or draw together in Live Sketch.
Millions of people all over the world stay connected through Couple.