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Ryan Hoover
I missed this. Nice, @brianmwang. I've been following Fitmob ( which is doing something similar.
Brian Wang
One important distinction is that FGF is 100% online and will be so for the foreseeable future. It isn't focused on live workouts, but rather, boosting motivation and accountability to help people stay on track to reach their goals.
Ryan Hoover
This is also great timing w/ New Years resolutions. :) @brianmwang - from what I can tell, Fito Groups are ancillary to Fitocracy. Are you planning to build this into the app (e.g. discovery of groups, communication w/ trainer/fellow members)?
Brian Wang
Yup, the intention is to integrate FGF into Fitocracy proper and make it a much bigger focus. FGF springs out of the customer learning that the big pain point for most people is lacking the proper environment to keep consistent in their fitness programs. Providing them professional coaching + motivation + accountability is a very powerful way to keep people on track.
Ryan Hoover
@brianmwang have you found certain types of people/demographics are drawn to FGF? Some prefer working out independently and alone while others thrive off of social pressure and support.
Brian Wang
So far we have seen popularity among total beginners who feel frustrated with trying to lose weight. We also have found success with intermediate gym goers who want to take their progress to the next level but aren't seeing the results they desire.
Brian Wang
The use cases vary based on need. Some folks really need the coaching guidance but the social component isn't very important. In other cases, participants generally know what they need to do but struggle with keeping consistent and moving forward despite failures along the way. The social support goes a long way for these folks. Fitocracy pre-FGF did an OK job of this, but was too unstructured for most people. FGF offers a more intimate, controlled experience that we believe solves the problem a bit more elegantly.
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How Does Fitocracy Help Me?

Get your very own personal trainer that provides everything you need to get in the best shape of your life.

Fitness Assessment

Your expert coach will take you through an assessment in order to create your personal plan for success. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, we have a coach for you.

Nutritional Success

You'll get a personalized nutrition plan built specifically for your needs. No more guesswork, no more stress. You'll learn how to eat on your own terms while establishing healthy habits.


We build the workouts for you, you follow them and get results. The Fitocracy mobile app will take you through each expert-built workout, set by set.

Motivation & Accountability

Your coach works with you on a daily basis to keep you motivated and on track. They're your secret weapon to hit any goal, no matter what it is.

Coaches for Weight Loss

Women's Fitness Expert

Tone and tighten all your trouble zones while burning major calories with the Bikini Bootcamp team! Workouts, nutritional guidance, recipes, and tips for surviving the holidays without the gain!

Fatloss Expert, Pn1, ACE-PT

I've lost 200lbs and I've designed this course to help you learn some of the same habits and lifestyle changes that made such a transformation possible and permanent.

Performance Enhancer

The Beauty of Strength is designed for women who want it all! In this program you'll lose fat, gain curves, get stronger and transform yourself into a fierce femme fatale!!

Rich Z

Fitness Specialist

The Strength Academy is all about increasing strength in the classic barbell and bodyweight lifts through technique improvements and programming.

Fit and Strong done Simple

Everyone packs on a few extra pounds for the holidays, why not pack some of those onto your arms? Join for daily workouts that can stand alone or be added to an existing program.

Robbie Farlow

Quest Master

Private 1-on-1 online coaching for women who are ready to become the most Badass Warrior Princess version of themselves possible.

The Pulling Machine

This is my 1:1 offering for clients who want a completely personalized approach to resistance training and nutrition.

Fat Burning Master

This program is strictly "one on one". You'll get a weekly workout plan with nutritional guidance that's customized to your own individual needs/goals, and 24/7 direct access to the coach.

Erin Zwolinski MST,Pn1

Fitness & Nutrition Mentor

Don't like what you see in the mirror? Don't like how your clothes feel? Don't like the results of your training program? Maybe you're missing the most important factor -- Nutrition.