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Ryan Hoover
Effing awesome tagline. Love the site copy and simplicity of this product.
ash bhoopathy
Love the idea, has never actually worked out for me in practice, and I do a LOT of UX/UI review for bigcos', friends companies & startups that I've worked with. Someone needs to make an awesome version of these sorts of tools that have support for: 1) Password protected (to appease CIOs at Bigco's) 2) Dropbox enabled (I should be able to drop in a file and it automatically creates places for people to provide feedback, with each folder tied to a certain set of people who are notified on changes) 3) Multiple file type support (Sketch, PSD, Omnigraffle, PDF, HTML)
@ashbhoopathy hey ash - this is exactly what we're doing at Kivo ( do you mind if email you to get some feedback on a couple of features?
Michael 😍 Galpert
I thought their onboarding was perfect. Im going to see if this makes its way into my workflow. @ashbhoopathy have you ever tried its more robust than single mockups and supports lots of file formats
@msg i was thinking the same thing re: layervault for @ashbhoopathy. Red Pen also has a "pro" version that it only tells you about in the context of your upload experience. @rrhoover yeah...the tagline works. at @homage, i find that we use this more for internal review than anything else. sharing with clients from agency side seems is something that I like to "control" more than this allows for, but it's nice for quickly talking through messaging, intent, assets, etc.
We love this product so much.
Alex Iskold
@davemorin So great!
Xavier Guinot
Hello there creator ! Is it possible to move a mockup from a project to another ? Thanks

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Each image can be easily updated or replaced whenever an iteration has been made. We’ll keep track of the versions for you.

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