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TheQ camera

World's first social camera

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Luke Bornheimer
Hmm…while the landing page is intriguing, I'm left wondering who the target market is: people who swim and take pictures? Teenagers who want a dedicated camera for their fun adventures? Someone else entirely? How do they plan on competing with the cameras we all carry with us (our phones)?
ash bhoopathy
I agree, its hard to compete with the existing market. There are a few things here that I really liked -- e.g. the halo LED.
Mike Bronfman
The company is based in Hong Kong... Interesting.

TheQ, More than a Camera

As with everything about theQ, sharing is incredibly easy thanks to the ecosystem that we've built. Just log in to our website theQ LAB and setup your camera only once. You can select social networks, apply filters and save your photos online – all in one place. But don't worry – everything is hidden from public access, so you're in total control over what you share and what stays private.

theQ CameratheQ Lab

theQ LAB

With theQ, you can lose yourself in the shot – but you'll never lose those shots, as they're all saved online automatically in theQ LAB. Want to apply filters to your pictures to make them look even better? Use theQ LAB to pick your favorite, or randomise them if you feel like mixing things up. You can share every picture you take automatically with theQ. You just need to visit theQ LAB – from here, you can tell your camera which social networks you'd like to share those awesome shots with. Basically, you're out in the field, theQ LAB is back in the...well, the lab. It does all the boring work so you don't have to!


Megapixels are great and all, but sometimes those ultra-sharp shots feel a bit clinical. At theQ, we like the vibe of vintage analog cameras, a little grainy, with a lot of character. So we built theQ to have an intentionally low-fi look. We wanted to put the warmth back into photography, and the best way to do that was the keep it old-school. Yeah, theQ’s pretty much the rock 'n roll of cameras

Share the Love

Equipped with onboard 3G, theQ pushes all your photos wirelessly to your favorite social networking sites. Just tell it which sites you use and you can forget about uploading ever again. Seriously, you'll never have to plug your camera into your computer again, or trawl through your folders for decent shots. Saving and uploading is instant and automatic. Which leaves you with more time for taking pictures.

Chill out! It's Easy

theQ's easy-to-use interface is idiot-proof. The vintage viewfinder is pretty self-explanatory, and you'll always be in control with the manual focus ring. Don't worry – the presets for focus and exposure are the cheater's way of getting awesome results. We won't tell anyone if you don't. Oh, and there's one shutter button with flash, one without. Why hasn't anyone else thought of that?

  • It’s not fair to leave anyone out of your photos – especially not yourself. But all know that self-portraits can be a hassle. You set the timer but you never remember how quickly it starts to beep until it’s too late. Is it ten seconds between the red-eye remover and the flash?’s three seconds? But I just blinked! I didn’t realise it would...oh, whatever. theQ keeps it simple – eight segments on the ring flash, eight seconds’ countdown. One segment shuts off for each second remaining. If you still blink at the wrong moment, you have only yourself to blame.

  • One of theQ's greatest strengths is its unique ring flash light, which offers brilliant lighting under any circumstances. But that's not the only trick up its sleeve – you can also use the ring flash to check how much juice theQ has left. Use the eight LED-powered segments to show you how much battery power remains at the touch of a button. And when you're charging it up, just take a look at the ring flash to see how much longer you need to leave it for.

Dream Big Shoot Wide

You may have noticed how theQ is mostly lens. This isn't a coincidence. After all, the lens is the heart of any camera. And we wanted theQ to have a big heart. Boasting an f2.4 wide-angle, theQ's lens is capable of unparalleled perspective, incredible depth of field, and wicked cool fisheye shots. And it's built in a shock- and scratch-resistant 2P2G mix of glass and plastic, lending your shots the perfect mix of character and quality.

TheQ Filters

theQ lets you take photos your way, so it makes sense that the end result should look exactly the way you want it to. That's why theQ offers a huge variety of post-production effects to apply to your photos automatically. You apply filters online via theQ website, or on your phone via theQ app. theQ offers everything you need to imprint your character onto your photos.


Cameras don't usually like water. But theQ is not your average camera. Pool parties, hot tubs, snorkeling, sailing…theQ loves them all. After all, it's there whenever you're having fun – if you're not afraid of getting wet, why should your camera be? OK fine... we really just came up with this idea because we wanted to see what a beer filter would look like.

Size Matters

Your camera needs to be there whenever you feel inspiration – and when your camera's as tiny as theQ, it can be. Measuring just 2.5 x 3.9 x 0.6 inches (65 x 100 x 16 mm), it's perfect for your pocket, bag, purse, or even your keys! theQ's buttons, lens and edges come together to form smooth package that's designed to be taken anywhere.

Designed with Awesome

Hang theQ on your keys with its viewfinder window. You'll want to. Because it looks awesome. It doesn't just let you share photos instantly – it's a fashion statement, and it's got the label to prove it. A retro analog look. Minimalist block colors. And a soft rubber shell that you won't want to let go. theQ knows how to take pictures – but it also knows how to look good.