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Automate daily tasks on your Android device

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Nathan Bashaw
Agent can: - silence your phone automatically when you're in a meeting - automatically remember where you park - somehow save battery life I'm super reluctant to trust technology with these kinds of tasks, but I suppose if it's really 99% accurate then trust can be gained
Ryan Hoover
This reminds me how out of touch I am with Android. Very tempted to pickup a second device along with my iPhone to stay up to date. So many unique product opportunities on Android.
Nicholas Putz
Stumbled upon this app tonight. So happy I have finally found something that can filter my sleep annoyances with automated responses to only those in my "preferred list" with instructions to respond "Urgent" to wake me up in case of emergency/need to talk to me. I am also so happy that I can tell it to auto-respond to any incoming texts while driving with instructions to wait or just call me if they want to talk. Excited for more.

Your phone, smarter

Agent is a set of tools that uses your context to help you throughout the day.


Sleep Secretary


We're working on more ways to make your life easier.

Never touch your settings again

Agent’s use of context based triggers completely eliminates the need for you to have to repetitively open up your phone.

For example, Agent knows when you’re walking into a meeting, and will silence your phone for you.

What others have said

Having Agent on your devices is like having a personal assistant who monitors your devices while you get things done.
A smart personal assistant that actually helps get things done without requiring extensive tech know-how.