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Murat Mutlu
I used Mapbox earlier this year for a offline, in-store interactive screen, really powerful service
Connor Montgomery
I love mapbox. Used them when we built Place Pins and it was one of the best platforms I've ever worked with. Great folks, too. Can't recommend them enough.
Murat Mutlu
@connor the guys there were really really helpful, great service
ash bhoopathy
I'm a big fan. Also, their developer evangelism team is great. Thanks for sponsoring NodeKnockout, Mapbox team!
Solene Maître
I love Mapbox. It's powerful for the design part, but it is still very low, especially in mobile in comparison with mapkit or gmaps.
ash bhoopathy
Agreed, its quite slow on mobile. I don't really know why.
Kaycee Arya
Very nice app specially for app developers and UX/UI designers with the help of Mapbox you can create custom maps in your website's color themes and also you can hide/remove unwanted things like road, water etc.
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Sakura Park
Togamihigashi Park
Inogashira Park
Lake Motosu
Lake Yamanaka
Lake Kawaguchi
A birds-eye view of a map is shown with a vehicle traversing a navigation route, with location markers indicating nearby points of interest.
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700 Ft
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300 Ft
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A three-dimensional rendering of a map is shown cycling through colors green, orange, and purple.

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Bring location-based experiences to life

See how our customers use Mapbox to help their users explore the world.

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