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Daily pugs delivered to your Snapchat

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Owen Williams
Perhaps the most interesting thing about this is how easy it is to automate sending Snapchats. Eventually, when brands wise up I think we'll start seeing more and more advertising sent directly. Instead of "subscribe to our newsletter" you'll get "subscribe to our snapchats!"
Ryan Hoover
NowThis News is doing some very interesting things with Snapchat Stories, delivering ~120 news summaries with doodles. :) Gary Vaynerchuck is very bullish on Snapchat and it's potential for marketers/brand builders. Check out his interview at this year's Le Web: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en3dIOtEzUU
ash bhoopathy
"Subscribe to our snapchat" << very cool idea. I wonder if stuff like this takes off faster if there's just one main company behind it, or if its better if its an open standard like RSS. Maybe the days of open standards are gone, there doesn't seem to be any replacement for Pinterest.
Nathan Bashaw
How do you unsubscribe?
Ryan Hoover
@nbashaw - you can remove them from Snapchat after accepting their "friend request"