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Fight hunger with hunger

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Nathan Bashaw
Interesting charity that partners with restaurants, to give you 10% cash back, and you can donate whatever portion of it you choose to a local food bank
Matt Silverman
@nbashaw not just 10% - during off-peak hours, restaurant owners are at liberty to give whatever discount they feel applicable at that time. Some 1% - 25% ! It's an amazing service!
Kia K.
Super awesome and they have large selection of participating merchants around SF which makes it convenient!
Matt Silverman
@imkialikethecar currently all over california with a very strong presence in SF, SD (headquarters), and LA - but also serving 13 states, currently!
Ryan Hoover
@Jason just interviewed the founder/CEO, @joncarder -

Get paid cash to eat and drink

1000s of local places are offering you up to 10% cash back