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Bookmark any product and get alerts when the price drops.

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Ryan Hoover
My buddy @koesbong has been working on a similar product called Salemarked (http://salemarked.com). Honey (http://joinhoney.com), a chrome extension that automatically submits coupons at checkout, is a related product I use and love.
Jack Smith
I like camelizer for price monitoring (on amazon especially). @rrhoover what sites have you found Honey to work well on?
Ryan Hoover
@_jacksmith - I've only used it on GoDaddy so far (I don't do a lot of online shopping) but once landed myself a $1 .com. :)
Connor Montgomery
Rad. We've recently started to use Price Drop notifications on Pinterest (http://blog.pinterest.com/post/57057851300/pin-a-little-save-a-little) and people love it.
Hsu Ken Ooi
This was the original idea that turned into Decide.com :)
Ryan Hoover
@hsukenooi - nice! Would love to read a blog post about Decide's evolution. I really enjoyed your postmortem from a while ago. https://medium.com/on-startups/d74efec8b1a8
Hsu Ken Ooi
@rrhoover That's a great idea. I'll do that. It took us 2 years of building other stuff before we hit on Decide. At one point, every Monday, we had a meeting where we decided to invest another week in last weeks product or build something completely new. If we decided to do something new it had to be launched by the end of the week. it was like a investor partner meeting except instead of money it was our time.
Sam Stinson
For Indian audiences we have http://thewatchlyst.com price alerts. Works quiet well.