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The Present

An annual clock

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Ryan Hoover
Beautiful but $249!? I guess that's what you pay for art though.
Luke Bornheimer
I'm with @rrhoover; While $249 is reasonable for art, the landing page and marketing copy makes me think of it as a unique clock first, art second. I'd pay $99 for it :|
Mischa Nachtigal
So I own this clock, and got it when it was a $100 reward on Kickstarter. It was the second Kickstarter I ever backed, and the video marketing it is amazing. But the clock I own stopped working two weeks ago, and it won't work when I try to reset it. I could hang it, but then I'd be stuck in mid-Winter forever!
Mischa Nachtigal
So the instructions on resetting my clock were wrong. I just got an email back from the maker and was able to reset my clock. Great customer service for this piece of temporal art! I think that may be the first time I've ever written a sentence like that.
Ellen Chisa
Completely with you @rrhoover and @LukeBornheimer - I definitely consider it to be art rather than a clock. I was hesitant to put "clock" in the small description - maybe @mischa's suggestion of "temporal art" would be better.