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A fun and free way to learn chess.

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Nathan Bashaw
I've used this, and their interactive chess learning tool is really fun! Inspired some good ideas for Dash (
Ryan Hoover
Slick! Does this exist for video games? I could the DOTA 2 training. cc @liveink
Kevin Li
@imalexlin and i can help you @rrhoover
Kevin Li
i would love a go version of this (go the game, not the language)
Ramli John
This is sweet. Love how it looks like Definitely agree with @liveink. They need a go version.
Brian Donohue
@nchirls could use this
Nicholas Chirls
@bthdonahue lol
Natalia Burina
I want to play full chess games using this.
melissa schaff
Would love an app version of this! More likely to use and stick to it on iPhone or iPad than web
Edozié Izegbu
Btw for some reason I cannot sign up for this site , I have tried on Chrome , Chrome Canary and Safari and the authentication just does not load for when I try to sign up

Watch videos, solve puzzles, and play games. All for free.

Follow a guided path to improvement — one step at a time.

Watch videos from chess masters

Solve interactive exercises and puzzles

Play games and test your skills

Earn achievements and show your friends

Loved by players around the world

  • Finally, a well designed product for learning chess. Nothing out there is as simple and painless.

    Abhishek Gupta, Lead UX Designer at Lumosity
  • A really slick new start-up for anyone who has wanted to either learn chess or brush up.

    Ilya Pinchuk, Web Developer and SDA for U of I
  • Ever wanted to learn chess? A beautiful, very guided tool: Chesscademy.

    Patrick McConlogue, Journeyman