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Dave Ambrose
Smart. Would be great to see a bit more detail on the product when you land on the website, i.e. any current customers using the product to play with? Hard to really *get* it with a brief animation....
Jonathan Kim
Hi there. @nbashaw recommended I do an AMA on Appcues, so I'll start with @daveambrose's question. Appcues is still very new, but customers seem to be hovering around two use cases: 1. Targeted introduction/tutorials. Onboarding isn't "one size fits all," and this is particularly true when your customers have access to different features depending on their plan. With Appcues, you can create different onboarding flows and show them only when certain criteria are met. 2. Feature discovery/announcement. Congrats! You just released a new feature. Now how do people find it? Email blast? Your blog? Those are blunt tools. Customers tend to use Appcues to drip features to their users based on history-based criteria. Aka, introduce the new Reporting tool only for users who have analytics data. The biggest benefit to customers seems to be speed, and Product Marketers seem to find this most compelling. They finally have the tools they need to do in-app product marketing, and they don't need to chase developers/designers to get it done (and done well). Anyway, AMA!
Derek Shanahan
- How'd you come to choose your price points? - How do you plan to acquire new users?
Dave Ambrose
@hijonathan going to play counter here, and just think of first run experience when someone lands on your site (FYI, I'm considering someone who is "new" to world of product marketing): 1. I land on Appcues, get an idea of what the product does and see two smiling customer faces who LOVE the solution to the problem. 2. "Hmm, I wonder what those two customer websites look like?" I ponder. "I'd love to see Appcues in action before I commit to submitting my email." 3. At this point, I need to think - which is something I'm maniacal about in first run uses, specifically, I *shouldn't* have to think. Like the on-boarding solution you're showcasing to the market - via this site - think of the on-boarding solution to your product itself. These will be the types of customers you're looking to capture (at the very wide, top of the funnel) relative to the easy, targeted leads that may come via referral, search, etc. Thoughts?
Jonathan Kim
@dshan I use Price Intelligently ( to set my price points and feature splits amongst each plan. PI is an amazing tool, and I can't recommend it enough. I'm not really focusing on user acquisition right now. My focus is nurturing my small group of brave beta customers, turning them into onboarding experts and Appcues into their tool of choice.
Jonathan Kim
@daveambrose the website could definitely be improved. We initially had a Stripe-style "create first, sign up later" flow, but I recently deactivated it to divert more energy toward making current customers extremely happy with the service. If you know of anyone looking to join a Boston startup, we could definitely use more help :]
Casey Clinkenbeard
@hijonathan love the idea, there is a desperate need for this type of app - we are POC'ing right now... love to know how Appcues compares agree with @daveambrose about wanting to see it in action. WalkMe eats their own dog food and you can use the product to learn about the product... effective way to demo good luck!
Jonathan Kim
@hscasey I can't stress enough that tooltips are a terrible way to introduce users to a product/feature. Tooltips, as a design pattern, are great at calling attention to a specific area while adding a bit of context. But they fall apart when used to drag someone through a complex process unless that person is already committed to following instructions (aka if they're being heavily incentivized). Appcues is different because we believe the key to our customers' success is to help them deliver great user experiences. By contrast, we're not giving people a bandaid builder, we're giving them their first taste into thinking like a UX expert. You can read more about my thoughts on that here: I don't know what POC means, but if you'd like to join the Appcues beta, I'd love to have you. Just email me: and I'll get you set up. If you're adamant about going with tooltips, here are other alternatives:
Casey Clinkenbeard
@hijonathan I would love to look at what you guys are building, as the home page made it seem like it was similar to WalkeMe, Iridize, etc. I also agree that tool tips are band aids, and that we are dragging people over the 'product coals' (nice post btw)... but I work on an very large enterprise app that's 10+ years old with a relatively small team and to this point it seems like the best way to deal with some of the training issues we have until we can work our way back through the app re-factoring the UX for a better experience. So if Appcues can help with this, can't wait to take a look - emailing now :) (POC means proof-of-concept)
Jonathan Kim
@hscasey I'm excited to help! Honestly, I think about onboarding and UX non-stop and am just happy to help in any way I can. I love this stuff :] I'll follow up in email.
Zack Shapiro
Very cool, just signed up
Dave Ambrose
@hscasey very, very clever that WalkMe let's you jump right into their solution by using it on their own site!
ugh, i signed up but it isn't available.
Jonathan Kim
@plc I'll send you an email in a minute :]
Anup Gosavi
Looks great! I signed up as well!
Len Kendall
Was just talking about building something like this. Great timing.
Jonathan Kim
We quickly maxed out the number of customers we could handle, but I whipped together a special offer for Product Hunters: (thanks @rrhoover)
Ryan Hoover
YOU ARE THE MAN, @hijonathan. :)
Geoff Song
Sign up for their email and you will find a few gems for startups building apps @hiiyaapp I
andrea saez
<3 appcues. It's the best thing that's happened to us !

Open the door to a better product experience

Too much knowledge is locked behind sprint cycles. Publish relevant in-product messages that educate, inform, and guide users to take action.

Create your ideal experience

Treat each user like a VIP

A product experience shouldn't be one-size-fits-all. Serve up the right message to the right user at the right time based on user behaviors, habits, and goals.

User Onboarding

Feature Discovery

User Feedback

Improve user onboarding

Your dev team is too busy to run experiments on your onboarding. Update yours instantly with Appcues.

Drive feature adoption

Help users to discover all that your product has to offer with in-app messages.

Deepen engagement throughout your user lifecycle

Send the right message to the right user at the right time to maximize your engagement rate.

to better engage customers

Customer Success

Deliver more value to your users. Make sure your  user-base adopts your product the way it's supposed to be used.
Run user onboarding experiments to improve your activation rate. Announce new features in-app and make sure your customers know how to use them.
Help your non-technical team message users inside of your product. No more hand-coding tooltips or modal windows.
Design on-brand user onboarding and in-app messaging UIs without development help.
Reduce your support ticket volume by teaching users how to use your product right from the start.
“Appcues enables our growth team to test multiple hypotheses within a short period of time.”
“Our engineering team is constantly working really hard on the core product, and it’s hard to get them to spend time on something like creating in-app messages.”
Alicia Shiu
“The effort is so low but the ROI can be massive. Just devote the 1/2 day for implementation and try it. You will not be disappointed.”
Rohit Shenoy