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Rental Management for Airbnb

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Dave Ambrose
@shedd is this permissible relative to Airbnb's TOS?
Carlos Cervantes
@daveambrose @shedd Yes, it is.
Robert Shedd
@daveambrose not sure. I know Airbnb doesn't have an API that they expose, so not sure how Airenvy does what they do.
Ryan Hoover
This promo video is silly. Pink unicorn?
Lyle McKeany
Wow, that promo video is so cheesy @rrhoover! I also don't understand why they keep mentioning their pricing algorithm. Most people that would use their service could care less, they just want their property to be in the hands of a trustworthy company for a reasonable price. Seems like this could be a valuable service for a busy person looking for some passive income though.
Tom Moor
But they have a "Super secret hacker lab" :) To be honest I actually liked this more before I watched that video.. :-O