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Create interactive prototypes from files in Dropbox

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Adam Kazwell
Testing this out right now, but looks loaded with potential. Shareable and update-able demos via image files.
Nathan Bashaw
Reminds me of
Adam Kazwell
Definitely not as robust as Flinto...but it's free! And the dropbox integration is great. Change a file in one place and it's reflected on all demos.
Ryan Hoover
Also reminds me of
Shaan Puri
is it better than
Matt Farley
@ShaanVP If you want something comparable (mostly) to, give a whirl.
Adam Kazwell
@ShaanVP haven't used invisionapp - but Marvel doesn't offer the feedback options that invision does.
Ilyas Hassani
Noah Chestnut
Marvel 2.0 went public today. I'm excited to take test the latest web product to see how much faster and more reliable it is.
Ivan Verkalets
You have a really UI/UX. But functionality is not working so good. I can's save canvas and I can't edit canvas name.