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image-based music streaming app

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Ryan Hoover
This looks similar to Flipagram ( that @kam_bain shared last week - Based on the App Store description, it has some collaborative components that sound unique and fun. Will check it out.
Anup Gosavi
So happy to see this here. A friend has developed this! Will ask him to join the conversation.
Ryan Hoover
Unfortunately you need a Spotify premium account to use this. :( Was looking forward to trying it out but not enough to upgrade Spotify for $10/mo.
David Blutenthal
@rrhoover quick update on your comment - you no longer need a Spotify account (at all) to use Moodsnap if you're in the U.S. Open door for anyone to come play and explore the world of image-driven music discovery.
Lyle McKeany
Pretty slick app. Enjoying it so far.
Solene Maître
I enjoy it so far because i find it way better than a playlist! You select an atmosphere through pictures, and you can then contribute to the playlist and make it smarter by liking or skipping songs... You need a premium spotify account though...
Kam Bain ✍
Just saw this. @rrhoover I'm friends with the founder David Blumenthal. I can get him on for an AMA if you'd like! I believe they are changing their policy from only using Spotify premium.
Ryan Hoover
@kam_bain - that would be awesome!
David Blutenthal
Hi all - I'm Founder & CEO of Moodsnap. Found this post pretty organically (which is cool!). Thanks for your comments and feedback. Happy to do a Q&A here for anything you want to know. Shout!
Jon Vanhala
@DBlut7 whats next on the roadmap David? any updates worth posting here in the last 10 months?
David Blutenthal
@jonvanhala thanks for the nudge. our newest update is below
David Blutenthal
*Big Update* - Moodsnap 1.5 is now live with a whole new way to explore your image-driven music adventure. Our newest feature, Mood Match is an addictively fun game, that feeds you trending and classic hit songs, and challenges you to creatively match them to the best fitting image. When you make a great mood match, the song gets added to that station, and you (yes you!) get all the credit when it makes other people's ears smile. This is phase 1 in multi-step plan towards Moodsnap 2.0 to make the music discovery experience more fun, simple, and emotionally-connective. More to come! I'm happy to reply to comments here.

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The album cover alone is not enough. Listen to music from your favorite streaming service, wrapped in beautiful Instagram photography.


Follow great photographers, music artists, music lovers, and friends. Share and experience music and images, together.


Participate in Photo Challenges based on songs, hosted by the coolest music artists and brands. Your photo might become your favorite artist’s next album cover!

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