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Honey automatically applies the best coupon code at checkout

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Ryan Hoover
I'm a HUGE fan of Honey and had to share in prep for the holidays. After installing the Chrome Extension, click a button during checkout on a supported site (e.g. GoDaddy, Amazon, Best Buy, and ~100 others) and it will search for any available coupon codes to provide the highest discount.
Hsu Ken Ooi
I wonder how they're sourcing their coupons. At Decide, we had a hypothesis that the best coupons only show up via email if you sign-up for that store. We thought about signing-up for every store, crawling that email account for coupons and use NLP to figure out how long the coupon was valid for.
Ryan Hoover
@hsukenooi - smart! They may be doing something much less sophisticated -- manual sourcing. Thankfully it's not that expensive and certainly not technically challenging to hire overseas labor to do it. (at least it's a good start)
ash bhoopathy
Hsu Ken Ooi
@rrhoover @ashbhoopathy ha! maybe that's a better method than what we were proposing. we had another hypothesis that crowd-sourcing takes time where our technology could find coupons the second they hit email boxes. oh well, could've been fun :)
Ryan Hudson
@rrhoover thanks for sharing. We get coupons a lot of the same places you would as a consumer. Automating email is certainly something we have discussed. We have some even more interesting things (we think) coming soon...
Ryan Hudson
Honey is available for Firefox and Safari now too.
ash bhoopathy
In latest news, Honey's home page is a near direct ripoff from another ProductHunt favorite, @GetPointApp (http://www.getpoint.co/). Gotta remove my upvote on that note.
Izzy Piyale-Sheard
This is awesome! I was buying a GoDaddy domain, honey automatically plugged in a bunch of promo codes and tested them all out, and I saved 14 dollars on a $15 domain. I ONLY PAID $1.24!
Dang, those onboarding illustrations are cool. Reminds me of @MegDraws style.
Iqbal Rafi
Hey Ryan, does this works outside the US?
Kees Romkes
@iqbal_rafi exactly my question! Germany is crazy about discounts, would be great to have those included!
Jowita Emberton
Well done guys! As soon as I saw it I installed the Chrome extension! Not sure how useful it's going to be for me in the UK (no $ here :p ) but will give it a try anyway :) Btw: love the UX and design in general ;)
Tahseem Qureshi
@rrhoover Does it also work in India?
Kaycee Arya
I just checked it with 1-2 websites but the coupons are not working need to make it better.
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Katie Kaczmarek★★★★★

Honey literally translates to easy, free money. I thought it was a gimmick at first, since it seemed too good to be true, but when I started online shopping at Target, the add-on automatically popped up and saved me $10 on my first purchase. There is no reason not to add this to your browser.

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Greg Bickert★★★★★

It's great. Now I don't have to waste my time searching on Google for coupons, entering them one at a time (having most of them fail) and hope that I will get some savings. With Honey, just click the button and let it try the codes for you. So Great! Honey = Money!

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Ananda Ellis★★★★★

Does all the work for me. Codes I didn't even know existed that other "money saving apps" didn't find. But Honey did!! Saved me $10 on what was a $90 order. And thats just one purchase.

From Chrome Store

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