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Deliver brand assets on request so you don't have to

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Michael Sacca
I'm the co-founder of Brandisty - Feel free to AMA! Our goal is to build tools for the post-design process by automating the manual processing and delivery of assets, freeing up designers time to continue creating!
Derek Shanahan
Interesting concept; what led to building it? When I've hired out brand work, this was a feature of the contract, but I can definitely seeing this as useful for a lot of designers, esp freelance. How do you acquire users?
Michael Sacca
Great questions @dshan. We built it because it was something that we hit consistently while doing contract work. Getting the right, high quality, asset we needed for production usually took days and sometimes weeks - no matter the size of the client. We've even had to reskin and deploy an entire application because the shade of red was off. Had it been communicated beforehand everyone would have been happier. What we've found is that it's the brand owners who see the most value in the service - as they have the most to loose when their brand is communicated improperly. We've acquired users though content marketing mainly. on Medium and our personal blog.

Brand Identity

Never spend more than 5 minutes searching for, resizing, or delivering your logo again

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Change your logo on Brandisty and it updates everywhere it's embedded, instantly.

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Our customers love us

The ability to download an entire brand or a specific file type and size saved our team a ton of time. We launched a new logo recently and having our assets organized using Brandisty has been tremendously helpful in sharing the brand with our partners.

Jennifer Hankin

Director of Programming & Events Startup Health
From day one Brandisty has been a valuable resource. All my requests for logos are now answered with a simple link. I can update the assets ensuring everyone is downloading the most up-to-date files. The majority of requests are now answered swiftly or don't reach my ears at all.

Prescott Perez-Fox

Designer at Delete Blood Cancer

Never spend more than 5 minutes searching for, resizing or delivering your logo again

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Why should I use Brandisty?

We make working with your brand identity easy. No longer do you need to hassle your design team or know complicated graphic programs to resize your logos, find your brand colors or lookup your fonts.

Who is Brandisty for?

Brandisty is for anyone working with brand identities. Design teams can store all the details about a brand identity on Brandisty and everyone from PR, marketing and sales teams have a simple way to always access and work with the brand identity.

What does all this cost?

We have a free plan so you can try us out. Depending on what features you want, we have plans that work for everyone. See our pricing page for more information.