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1:1 personal (& affordable) diet coaching.

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Ryan Hoover
Has similarities to Fitocracy's new Fito Group Fitness (shared here: http://www.producthunt.co/posts/479) cc @brianmwang
Geoffrey Weg
The team here is pretty interesting. CEO is Dr. Sanjay Gupta's brother, Suneel Gupta, who previously was VP of Product at Groupon.
Andrei M. Marinescu
@rrhoover feels a little different, in that Rise connects users with experts (a la Clarity) vs. focusing on group-based support. Will be interesting to see what approach is more impactful long-term: focusing on diet, or exercise. My guess is that diet is more critical, though both are important.
Ryan Hoover
@malaparte - agreed, certainly different than FGF but chasing a similar audience and purpose. And +1 re: diet which is arguably far more important than how you workout.
Brian Wang
FGF uses both group support as well as expert support (every group has an expert coach). Diet is undoubtedly the most important component in all this, as well as the most difficult.
Brian Wang
Rise seems more about weight management vs FGF, which has more focus on aesthetic and physical fitness goals.
Noah Lichtenstein
@rrhoover @brianmwang (disclosure: i'm an investor in Rise) Rise is focused specifically on diet and nutrition coaching and uses a 1:1 model. I think there are some similarities to startups that are doing app-based fitness coaching, but these are distinct from diet and nutrition. Even in the offline world, the certifications of a Nutritionist are very different from that of a Personal Trainer. Rise is focused on matching users up with a specific coach for an ongoing relationship, with daily interactions around a defined diet and nutrition plan. It should also be noted that it's not necessarily just about weight loss--it can also be about a healthier lifestyle, more energy, etc. Good discussion though!
Ryan Hoover
Nice coverage today by @ryanlawler, where he shares how Rise helped him lose 20 lbs: http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/12/rise/
Ryan Hoover
Congrats, @suneel, @stuartparmenter, and team: "Right now, our growth has exceeded our expectations. (Thanks, TechCrunch!) It’s incredibly important to both of us that each and every Rise user is matched with the best coach for them and gets a truly personalized experience. The team is reacting to all the love and working hard to make sure we can support each new user who wants to sign up. In the meantime, please sign up at rise.us so we can keep you updated." http://blog.rise.us/post/76670905942/youve-made-our-day
Noah Lichtenstein
@rrhoover I've been using Rise since launch and the accountability of knowing that if i eat poorly my coach (a real person) is going to get on my case has been positively impacting my eating decisions. And I know some solid product improvements are on the way too. cc @suneel, @stuartparmenter
Suneel Gupta
Thanks to the PH community , we were able to get off the ground and help thousands of people achieve their health goals. To show our gratitude, we're giving a 10-day free trial (https://www.rise.us/) to the first 100 people that use the code HUNTFORHEALTH. If you want to read more about our service, Buzzfeed published a review 3 days ago: http://www.buzzfeed.com/alexkantrowitz/meet-the-new-years-resolution-that-will-kick-your-butt-if-yo#.efwGZyl8o
Rui Delgado
I was wondering if you have nutritionists who happen to be familiar with intense workouts such as Crossfit.

Work with a coach to take the guesswork out of dieting.

We’ll figure out what works for you

Did you know the average dieter tries 4 times in a given year and fails? We’ve handpicked the top registered dietitians in the country to help you lose weight and keep it off.

It is possible to be both busy and healthy.



Daily Accountability

Your coach pinpoints the problem spots and works with you daily.


You and your coach set challenges and celebrate the victories.

Jessica’s Diary on Rise

How Jessica lost over 40lbs with Crystal

Jessica & Crystal

Week 1

“Loving my coach already. She’s a top nutritionist at the NYC Weightloss Clinic. And she’s a mom too. It’s only been a few days, but I feel like she gets me. I want to make her proud.”


Week 4

“Clothes are feeling better, and I’m more energetic. Crystal and I are focused on my veggie intake. I’m actually craving veggies more than carbs now. Last night, I made an amazing Butternut Squash recipe that Crystal gave me. Even my kids loved it!”


Week 12

“I have real energy and I’m down nearly 20 pounds. Last night I was at a work event and 3 people told me I was glowing. Crystal is like my counselor and BFF in one person. I can’t imagine things without her anymore.”


6 Months Later

“Last week, my husband wrote Crystal a hand-written thank-you card! He didn’t even write those after our wedding. I feel like a better wife, and a better mom. Every time I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained it back within like 2 months. I’m down to my pre-baby weight, 6 months strong…”

Rise is not

A Fad Diet


9 weeks

“I love my coach and feel like I enjoy eating more than ever. I feel great!”


8 months

“I feel healthy and am losing weight and inches. The weight loss is not as fast as a fad diet but I have honestly changed the way I eat.”


5 months

“I feel like a celebrity. I have my own nutritionist in my pocket. Without her help I would probably have continued to be on the ‘gaining’ weight streak.”

Success Guaranteed

We’re confident that when you follow your coach’s advice you will lose weight and feel great. If you’re not satisfied, let us know within 30 days of signing up and we’ll give you your money back.


Our coaches typically charge $100-300/hour in their private practice.  On Rise, you get their daily attention for less than a daily Starbucks run.

For less than $2 a day

12 Week Bootcamp