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Ryan Hoover
Although far from new, IFTTT is really useful. Also check out @wadefoster @mikeknoop's Zapier (http://zapier.com) which is more focused on business needs.
Chuck Kahn
@rrhoover How soon before there's a Product Hunt channel on @IFTTT? http://i.imgur.com/0f5kOeh.png
Alexander Tibbets
@chuckkahn @rrhoover @ifttt IT'S ALIVE! https://www.producthunt.com/tech/product-hunt-on-ifttt
Lyle McKeany
How is everyone else using IFTTT? I'm currently running 7 recipes: - Fav a tweet & save to Pocket - Text me tomorrow's forecast before bedtime - Buffer your watch later YouTube videos - Receive an email when a NYT Tech article becomes popular - Rent reminder - If tomorrow's forecast calls for rain send me a text - Send IFTTT any text message and add it to Buffer
Derek Shanahan
My favorite (and arguably highest ROI) recipe is when I tag an Instagram with #fam, email it to my mother. She doesn't understand it, but she loves it.
Ramli John
That's a sweet hack @dshan ! I think I'm gonna try #sexy and email it to my girlfriend ;)
Lyle McKeany
Those are both awesome @dshan & @RamliJohn!
Adam Kazwell
1. Re-inject tweets that I've fav'd When I fav a tweet (as @kaz), it gets sent to Buffer. Some time passes (based on buffer settings) and then that tweet is posted to @kazfavs...I follow kazfavs ;) and then get to re-enjoy the original tweet. Helpful when tweets are inspirational or worthy of additional contemplation. 2. Reflective questions Every sunday night, I get a series of questions in a google form sent to me...link takes me to the form and I answer em. Inspired by @davidspinks http://quibb.com/links/7-reflective-questions-i-ask-myself-every-sunday/view
Lyle McKeany
I like those @kaz. I might have to implement #2. Great idea!
Tom Moor
I send Foursquare checkins to Google Calendar so that I can go back to any point in history and see where I was at. Will be super handy if I'm ever interrogated ;-)
Jonathan Howard
The coolest IFTTTs I've heard of were parts of an elaborate scheme from a professional photographer friend. His workflow is roughly: - His camera has an Eye-Fi card which creates its own wifi network - Eye-Fi app on phone connects to card, syncs to camera roll. - IFTTT sync from iPhone album to Dropbox backup, in-camera star rating preserved in meta/EXIF tags. - 5-star rating photos get pushed to Flickr set for the event at full-res. - Automatic watermarking (via PicMarkr?) - Sync from Flickr sets to Facebook albums of same name. - People at event and at home follow him on Facebook, tag themselves in realtime, etc.
Ryan Hoover
EPIC, Jonathan!
Lyle McKeany
Wow, that's an impressive one, Jonathan!
Woosung Ahn 안우성
-receive an email if new feed item matches 'XYZ' from the RSS source: not rocket science, but works better for me than google alerts when you know what and where to research.
Ryan Hoover
@woosungahn I've been using Mention (http://mention.net/) for the past few months. Works very well, far better than Google Alerts.
Kia K.
can be used to get around the greatly missed Instagram card on twitter -- get it to tweet as a normal picture your IG pictures. You know... like Twitter used to do.... ;)
Woosung Ahn 안우성
@ryan good to know!
Chris Thorne
I wonder when IFTTT might be able to trigger events from a feed of data like https://plaid.com/. Could be interesting use cases like: "Email my roommate when the Comcast bill gets autopaid each month". Does this exist?
Brian Fanzo
Currently Running 34 Recipes ranging from social media and content automation to text and IoT triggers based on WeMo, Dropcam and Wink devices. This app has drastically increased my productivity and my ability to geek out!
Jamison Ross
Have an idea for a new Channel on IFTTT? We'd love to hear it! https://ifttt.com/help/channel_suggestion
Bobby Tong
Love IFTTT It's so handy after connecting all the apps and creating recipes
Flak DiNenno
try combining IFTTT with Amazon Echo... awesome

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