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SaaS Analytics for Stripe

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Jason Evanish
If you've ever had to try to manually calculate mrr or other saas metrics, you know this is a big deal. Having done that at KISSmetrics I'm really impressed they can do it with one click; did stripe add anything special to make that possible? I always thought you'd need at least one or two things set up to pull it off correctly.
Tom Moor
Whilst this is nice, I can't help but think/hope Stripe will provide better analytics themselves soon.
Jason Evanish
@tommoor I think you underestimate the pain of saas metrics; there's a lot of dependencies and I doubt stripe would want to lose the focus to build and maintain it. Put another way...isn't squiggle just video that hipchat and yammer will obviously add soon?
Tom Moor
@Evanish heh, well perhaps they wouldn't provide SaaS specific metrics but a little more than they do... Definitely not underestimating the pain as we track these metrics ourselves :)
Jason Evanish
@tommoor fun times, right? Do you guys use Stripe so you can give it a try or what payment processor do you use?
Josh Pigford
@tommoor Let's just say I'm not too worried about what Stripe will do. #i_haz_connections :)
Aykut Karaalioglu
Stripe already invested Baremetrics
Radu Bordei
Great WebApp, Great Blog, Keep writing.!

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