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The fastest way to save links in the cloud

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Ryan Hoover
@Thealbumproject wrote a good rundown of other bookmarking products here:
I dig this. Definitely the absolute simplest way to save. A nice differentiator in a crowded (and convoluted) space.
Stowe Boyd
New UI rolled out a month ago or so: a definite improvement. Key to my workflow.
Seth Hawkins
This is a really slick way to save bookmarks, particularly on a mobile device.

The simplest bookmarking tool ever

Just type in front of any URL to save a bookmark to the cloud

No need to install any extensions, apps or software. Just type "" in front of any URL in your browsers address bar to save a bookmark. It works on desktop and mobile devices

Organize Using Lists

Create lists on the fly by typing "" in front of a url.

No Storage Limits