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Connor Montgomery
I use this for all of my side projects. Similar to Trello.
Derek Shanahan
Tried this, but didn't stick. Went back to Trello, and eventually ended up back at Asana. Ah the world of project management:)
Kevin Li
i wish i could get into blossom :(
Jonno Riekwel
Holy shit, how come I've never heard of this.
Jonno Riekwel
@liveink Do you have any extension running that block analytics for example? After I disabled that it worked.
Sal Matteis
Blossom is such an incredible tool to keep your team focused on what matters. Unlike other multi-purpose task management tools Blossom is built specifically with Product Development in mind.
Allan Berger
@sal_matteis <3
Allan Berger
I'd be happy to answer any questions about our product or team. Also take a look at our Integrations with GitHub, Slack, HipChat & Flowdock: We also provide a collection with content on how to effectively manage software projects and how to superpower your customers: Thanks for hunting Blossom @connor! :)

Project tracking for distributed companies.

Are you spread across different cities and time zones? Some of your team traveling? We built Blossom for you.

Trusted by the Planet's leading Software Companies

Blossom is used to manage some of the most important software projects in the world.

8 workflow best practices to build first class software products

ship the highest priority features quicker.

Kristen JohnsonTwitter

How it works

Blossom gives each member of the team clear overview about who’s doing what & why and at the same time it helps you to focus on what matters most. With Blossom you can efficiently manage your whole development process in one place, built with simplicity in mind. Blossom is based on the principles of Kanban, a way of working that emphasizes iterative delivery cycles and continuously improves the workflow of your team or organization. Blossom keeps project management as lightweight & easy as possible and goes out of your way so you can focus on the fun part. Building great products.

Effective Stand-Up Meetings

Stand-Up meetings are one of the most important activities in the day to day of many Software Teams. Blossom was built from scratch to make Stand-Up Meetings as clear & effective as possible. Whether you are in the same room or on a Google Hangout. Blossom’s visualization of what’s going on is ideal to get everyone on the same page.

Performance Analytics & Insights

The great thing about Continuous Delivery is that it frees you up from arbitrary time boxes like Scrum sprints. This is why we’ve integrated performance analytics reports right into Blossom so you don’t have to waste your time doing estimates and sprint plannings anymore.

like you’ve never seen before

A lot of work on software projects happens away from your project management tool. GitHub is one of those places where a lot of value actually gets created. This is why we’ve built a very tight integration with GitHub so you don’t have to manually update your coding progress all the time. Blossom understands feature branches and pull requests and keeps everyone in the loop.

Slack, HipChat and Flowdock Integration

Since many Software Teams are using Team Chat software like Slack, HipChat and Flowdock we worked hard to build the best integration the market has ever seen. Blossom posts the most important messages to your Group Chat to keep you up to date. Not more, not less.

Blossom keeps it simple and lets us focus on the work. Great integration with HipChat as well!

Rich ParetTwitter

High-Level Digests about What’s actually going on

One of the main challenges with managing software projects is staying on top of what’s currently going on, who’s working on what and whether development resources are spent on the right things. Blossom’s email digests are built specifically to answer these questions without bothering anyone in your team.

Built with Distributed Teams in Mind

More and more Software Teams are working in a distributed way. Blossom is built with you in mind whether your team is distributed over different cities, continents or just different floors.

Loved by Product People

What brilliant Product People are saying about Blossom.

With most project management tools people first start configuring. With Blossom they get going, focus on their real work and ship from day one.
like a promising product.
I also love the seamless GitHub & HipChat integration. Well done.
in high octane potential.

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