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Uber for dog walking

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Ryan Hoover
Neat! I've been (half joking) that there needs to be a service that rents cute puppies to single guys like myself. Maybe I should sign up as a dog walker. :) cc @carlobff
Ryan Hoover
Also, from their site: "At your beck and call" Missed pun opportunity.
Dave Ambrose
@rrhoover seems like a great venture backed biz. I'll lead the round. ;) As for Worthee, do you think that the nature of dog walking is on demand or more of a scheduled experience? I think the latter.
Arjun Ram
@daveambrose Just noticing this thread. Curious why do you think its a scheduled experience? BTW do you know this company? Thx
Ryan Hoover
@daveambrose - I honestly have no expertise on this space but my friend, @carlobff (CEO of DogBff), certainly does.
Andy Keil
I was going to sign up as a service provider but they don't even ask where you're from when signing up. I'm guessing they're probably local to Chicago for the time being. Rent a puppy FTW though, @rrhoover.
Carlo Almendral
@daveambrose Definitely the latter.
Carlo Almendral
@alwaysunday @rrhoover http://www.puppiesforrent.com/
Andy Keil
@carlobff Utah ... really?
Carlo Almendral
@alwaysunday they got a lot of shit from CNN & the Humane Society for the service too. Not sure how it's doing now.
tl;dr - what cities does Worthee work in?
Ryan Hoover
The site does explicitly say but I believe just Chicago, @plc.

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