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The best way to learn music from your heroes

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Ramli John
I play guitar. And this has got to be the sweetest web app to learn how to play songs! You can slow down music; tabs are synced to YouTube vids. Check this out and don't tell me it's not cool -
Andy Keil
Built by Adrian Holovaty, founder of EveryBlock (RIP) and creator of the Django web framework. Great talk of his from XOXO in Portland:

Serious skills for serious musicians

Our courses teach advanced musical concepts, with the learning tools you need to make it stick.

Learn a free lick every weekday

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Give your students lesson material that sings

Do you make exercises or etudes for your students? Ditch the paper and make your lessons rich with Soundslice. It’s the perfect complement to in-person teaching.

License our player

Run a music education website? Plug in Soundslice to give your customers the web’s best music education tool. It’s used and loved by 60+ sites.