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Create new websites by modifying existing ones

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Yuval Shoshan
Useful in so many ways and works great.
Ryan Hoover
Love the creativity! Browsing through the gallery, here are a few of my favorites: - Medium inspired Scobliezer - - Mobile, swipe-friendly Techcrunch - cc @ryanlawler - Flipboard style TIME Magazine - - And of course, Star Wars AOL - Anyone up to create a Product Hunt TOMODO? :)
Yuval Shoshan
@rrhoover Cool idea! Maybe we can create a Product Hunt website with the same design as Hacker News (just kidding - what do you have in mind?)
Ryan Hoover
@yuvals - haha, nothing in-particular. Would be neat to see other peoples' creative imaginings of what Product Hunt could look like.

TOMODO Technology enables anyone to modify any website

The newly modified version is available under a new domain with no integration required!

TOMODO's Technology acts as a smart real time proxy between the user and the actual website. Every click or action performed on the modified website is being translated in real time to the same click or action on the unmodified website.
  • Supports any website
  • No integration required
  • Analytics & tracking tools works seamlessly

Interested in TOMODO's Technology?

We offer full API designed for automation and scale. Contact us at for details.

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