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Tesla Model 3

The mass market electric car by Tesla is here ⚑️🚘

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Joe Barbour
Link is broken dude πŸ˜”
Eric Willis
@thebarbican19 It was working fine a few minutes ago. They must have taken it down. It's been on and offline a few times over the last hour or so.
Niv Dror
@thebarbican19 Watch the live stream here: https://model3.tesla.com
Joe Barbour
@erictwillis I'll be sure to check back in a few hours.
Joe Barbour
@nivo0o0 Thanks Niv πŸ‘
@nivo0o0 @thebarbican19 Thank you Mate :)
Francis Kim
@thebarbican19 back up it seems
Eric Willis
The specs seem awesome so far. Also the demand seems extremely strong. Supposedly there were over 3B in pre-orders!
Jeff Finkelstein
@erictwillis Over 5 Billion
Niv Dror
Looking forward to live GIFing this ahah. Follow @ProductHuntGIF 😊 https://twitter.com/ProductHuntGIF/status/715733014597111808
Constantijn Seys
One for the history books. The first affordable EV with a decent range (The Bolt looks cool as well). The body of the car is made from Aluminum and Metal.
Jack Dweck
There are only two companies in the world that can generate this much hype around a launch event... Apple & Tesla
Dilyar Askar
@jackdweck Agreed 100% haha. I would honestly say, owning a Tesla is one of my only materialistic dream purchases that I would ever want. Nothing else. The car, the mission, the makers mean a lot to me and they inspire me to press on. My goal is to get one by the age of 25, but I'm hoping sooner, fingers crossed! Who knows, maybe if my projects like the gag site that is being featured on here today takes off, I will be able to accomplish this dream in months time ;) hahaha Work work work work!
Sajeesh Philip
@jackdweck Exactly. Design and the perfection.
Neil Sandhu
@jackdweck agreed. Although IMO Tesla has actually surpassed Apple of 2016. Tesla today = Jobs' Apple
Francis Kim
@jackdweck so true
Aldo Arriaga
@jackdweck Except that.... Apple isn't generating any hype anymore. I mean, come on. iPhone SE?
Lucas Grohn
@aldo_arriaga @jackdweck I mean I hear that, I do. On the other hand, everybody gave them a hard time about the iPhone 5c but that thing outsold the 5s. I definitely agree though that they do not have the same panache of old.
Corey O
@jackdweck Tesla is royalty when it comes to making product announcements about things that won't be delivered for 2-3 years out. Announce it a year+ out, have it delayed further by design changes, and then have production problems that trickle out inventory over a longer than expected time. Model 3 is make or break for Tesla and it's business model. Pressure is on.
Mike Cunsolo
@coreyo @jackdweck this is so true, it will be interesting to see what happens with their share price this year and next year. My bet is that it'll hit $300 again and then come back down to around $150 when they inevitably hit fulfillments issues.
Leeza Steindorf
@neilsandhu @jackdweck Agreed. The cutting edge of science, beauty, functionality and social responsibility join hands ...
Joshua Pinter
@neilsandhu @jackdweck I'd take that a step further and say Musk Today = (Jobs)^2, an exponent for each species-changing company he's running.
Victor Bustillos
@jackdweck @dilyaraskar I would take 75k on Tesla stock hehe
Put the $1,000 down the second the cars came rolling out. Needless to say.. I love it
Nate Smith
@candicetoker Ya, I want this car pretty bad too. Too bad 18 months is sooooo frickin long away.
I'll have the space grey one please
Joseph Chan
Not sure how i feel about the front. Seems like something is missing where the grille use to be.
Andrew Allsop
@jojo_chan Understandable, I mean..it *is* missing something.
Josef Moser
@jojo_chan Was also my first impression. But the numberplate is missing, too. Might look better with it ;-)
Elia Morling
@jojo_chan I think it's a good thing. It should look different than reflexes somehow
Cat Cai
@jojo_chan I mean... there doesn't need to be a grill. I think we're just used to seeing the grill and naturally, we're just like, "What?" But I think with time (and more electric cars on the road), we'll start thinking a grill is weird :P.
Allan Zhang
@jojo_chan Precisely. I find this quite unsettling. Sure, it doesn't *need* a grille, but both the S and X gave the impression of a grille. However, accordingly to Jalopnik, the design issue is the trunk: http://jalopnik.com/this-is-the-tesla-model-3s-biggest-design-fail-1768467573
Adam Barger
@jojo_chan I thought that was one of the best parts of the car's aesthetics . I found the faux black grill on the Model S lacking in style. This minimalist look is great.
Seth Louey
#ProductHuntReview: Ok ok... 1. The cat meow might have freaked me out. 2. I hope that states/big oil Co's don't try and shut Tesla down because god damn... If everyday people could purchase a zero emissions electric car, maybe we could actually reduce global warming. Take my money... I'll trade in my WRX
Niv Dror
This is my favorite GIF of the night http://i.giphy.com/l2QZZ6dbzpyI3Wtji.gif
Randy Ksar
@nivo0o0 awesome gif! Been starting at it for 5 minutes!
Joshua Dance
Wow. I laughed out loud at the dash. It is just a huge touch screen. The look is great. And the flat metal grey 3 on the end was straight πŸ”₯. I am probably going to buy one.
Joshua Dance
Put down my money. Tesla = πŸ†
Scott Perket
Found our Jetta's replacement :)
Seth Louey
@scottperket Found my 2015 WRX replacement. :) (And I LOVE Subaru)
Connor Landgraf
0-60 in 6 seconds? The model S was 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. Why so much slower?
Jacques van Heerden
@connorlandgraf the model S (with ludicrous mode) is also triple if not four times the price of the Model 3. There needs to be some sort of incentive.
Zev Lapin
@jacquesvh @connorlandgraf doubt that is the reason.. More likely: as with most tiered products, Tesla likely swapped materials and equipment to lower the price but also affects performance.
Joshua Dance
@connorlandgraf Those speeds put a huge strain on the power train, the wheels, and the engine. Model 3 costs 1/3 so probably smaller fuses, less powerful engines etc.
Joe Mahavuthivanij
@connorlandgraf considering the reduced weight, ludicrous mode will likely catapult the 3 to 60 in 2.5.
Sebastian Blaga
@bbzeven @jacquesvh @connorlandgraf Model 3 is made using steel instead of aluminum
Jeff Finkelstein
@connorlandgraf As Elon said at the announce 0-60 in under 6 is for the base model. There will be "much much faster versions" I don't doubt Tesla will look to handily beat Audi S4 and BMW M3 is all categories including flat out acceleration when properly optioned.
Skyler Hair
@connorlandgraf The drivers doing the test drives said that they are not releasing official times yet (all they would say is less than 6 seconds). Elon also clarified in the presentation that these are MINIMUM requirements. I don't have any doubt the production version will be faster than 6 seconds.
Niv Dror
The #TeslaModel3 is the nicest $35,000 car you will see. http://i.giphy.com/l2QZOFB7otdNKM8EM.gif
Yan Gorshtenin
@nivo0o0 indeed it is
Rene Sierra
Luther Hollins
@nivo0o0 does it price with tax?
Lucy Zhao
This is definitely going to change things. It's good to know that we no longer have to compromise between cost, looks, speed, and the environment.
Martin Skakala
You just know the sweet flat grey one is the top of the range model. Doesn't matter I'm getting it anyway
Greg Wong
Amazing 150K ordered before seeing it. Apple has lost the lust that Tesla has. Apple should buy Tesla
Zev Lapin
@gregsf just imagine if Tesla had a talented presenter unveiling the product. Elon is pretty awkward up there..
@bbzeven @gregsf Adds to his charm though :)
Mark Pecota
@bbzeven Elon isn't as charismatic as Steve Jobs but I still trust him all the same. You can tell he believes 100% in the companies he's building and there's no one else I'd rather see presenting for Tesla.
Scott Weinert
@bbzeven @gregsf I'm actually a huge fan of the owner coming out and presenting it himself. Humanizes the company.
Cat Cai
@gregsf I think the number was 115K, but very impressive nevertheless! It shows that the world is ready for electric cars (and trusts Tesla to deliver), which is huge.
Alessandro Schiassi
@gregsf Tesla is not for sale at the moment! Actually it went close to be bought by Google years ago!
Corey O
@gregsf Ask any company that raised on Kickstarter. Pre-orders are only as good as the ability to deliver on time and under budget.
Gabriel Lewis
This is definitely going to be my next car πŸš—
Kunal Bhatia
Based on watching their Periscope of the first ride, it seems some options will be consistent with the Model S/X - dual motor, air suspension, cold weather package, etc. Of course, they flashed the red brake calipers during the reveal too.
Matthew Greig
Amazing product design, value and presentation. Interesting to see how much longer 24 hours makes in reservation placement. I'm guessing a year+ if 25% deposits drop out (glad I spammed the site at 730!)