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Dave Ambrose
@JoeConyers similar to appfigures is App Annie, which I used religiously for the last few years. Great product for (1) detailed breakdown of your own app analytics across platforms, i.e. iOS, Android as well as stores, i.e. App Store, Google Play, Amazon, etc and (2) competitive intelligence in rank by category. Take a look:
Joe Conyers III
@daveambrose Yea, App Annie is quite similar. One of the core differences is that App Annie sells and exposes your data, which if you are in a competitive category can be a big drawback. These guys are more of the enterprise play.
Brian Donohue
We use AppFigures for Instapaper, it's really nice
Ariel Michaeli
That's great to hear @bthdonohue :) I've been an avid Instapaper user for years.
Ryan Hoover
Welcome, @arielmichaeli! Coming from the mobile gaming world (PlayHaven), I know how valuable a tool like this is. That said, why did _you_ build it? :)
Taras K
@JoeConyers Is it possible to track app downloads from AdWords campaigns?
Ariel Michaeli
@rrhoover Very simple - we needed it. In the winter of 2008 my brother and I were developing iPhone apps. iTunes Connect didn't have much to offer in the form of business metrics so one weekend I sat down and created a really tiny dashboard with a single chart so we can visualize our downloads. That one chart grew into an entire platform in about 4 months and here we are today, almost 5 years later.
Ariel Michaeli
@taraskrav Not at the moment. Apple guards referrer information pretty well.
Ariel Michaeli
@arielmichaeli funny to look back at this comment now that iTunes analytics makes this data available. A lot has changed in the App Store in the last year or so.
alison rosenthal
I love appfigures. My team and I recently adopted it in lieu of writing a bunch of time consuming custom queries to evaluate our products and in-app goods. Really easy to configure!
Ariel Michaeli
That's great to hear @alisonrosenthal

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