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Good Email Copy

Email copy from great companies.

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Mathilde Collin
Our mission at Front is to help people communicate better. Usually, it means building the best communication software possible, but today we’re doing something different. We’re releasing a collection of emails that we think have great copy, so the PH community can get inspiration for their own communication. I know a few initiatives similar to this one were launched recently but I guess: 1. you never have too many examples 2. our approach is really focused on the copy, not the design of the emails.That’s why it’s plain text: easy to search, easy to copy and paste the content and adapt it to your own “style” :) Looking forward to your feedback/suggestions!
Ben Tossell
@collinmathilde cool collection of emails what 'checklist' do you have for email copy making it to your list?
Mathilde Collin
@bentossell thanks Ben! we're looking for emails that are simple, short, no boiler plate (sometimes with light humor, sometimes just very sincere, etc.)
Inês Silva
@collinmathilde Awesome! Definitely inspiring! Are you going to keep adding examples?! What can we expect from Front in the upcoming months?!
Mathilde Collin
@isss111 yes we'll keep adding examples! you can know what we're up to by looking at our public roadmap: :)
Inês Silva
@collinmathilde Love it! I'm fascinated by companies that build products in public! I can imagine that publishing your roadmap to the public is a big (maybe scary) step! What has been the impact of this to the company? And to you personally?!
@collinmathilde WOW! This is sooo useful and I like the way you made it so simple via appropriate categorization. Kudos!
Mathilde Collin
@athif thanks!
@collinmathilde -- Amazing product, looks like a great collection, might be very helpful for the starters...:) Keep up the great work...cheers..:)
Mathilde Collin
@isss111 i've shared a few insights here: :)
Tamas Ratkai
@collinmathilde I just loved it! The way you show the examples are just awesome!
@collinmathilde This is timely, and it's being bookmarked. Definitely inspiring. Thank you :)
Jordan Walker
@collinmathilde thanks for this!
François Grante
@collinmathilde Great idea! Very often I have to dig into my Gmail to get inspiration from my favorite SaaS companies. Problem solved ;)
Alex Scott
@collinmathilde Although collides with your core mission (just copy), would be great to provide context through ways to reference flows before/after the email communication to see a more holistic view of voice and language. Thanks for compiling!
Jan Klimo
@collinmathilde I like this! I'd like to see some ideas for Order Confirmation as well.
Daveyon Mayne
@collinmathilde can I use this for my startup's website? Can I copy word for word?
Mathilde Collin
@mirmayne of course!
Giuliano Iacobelli
@collinmathilde that's great, I was looking for something like this :)
Fabio Araujo
@collinmathilde Well i have to say thanks. This is great
Crystal Chen
@collinmathilde Thanks for sharing this! This is definitely something I'll need now and then and I've just bookmarked it. :) Happy treasure hunting!
Kevin McIntosh
As a writer I find this to be an interesting concept. Mathilde, can you tell me are there any criteria you use to determine what's "great" copy? To me, a lot of the examples on the page felt pretty standard. But I like the concept of what you're trying to do. I would suggest taking a look at some brands who go way out there... J. Peterman would be a great one to start with. Excellent storytelling. Thanks.
Guillaume Rostand
thanks ! very insightful :)
Ouriel Ohayon
really good idea. would be great to have it in various desktop/mobile formating
Mathilde Collin
@ourielohayon thanks Ouriel! you're totally right. that's something we'll add :)
Haseeb Awan
Great collection and bookmarked. Front always on front !
Sean Chou
Great idea @collinmathilde! We're always looking for just the right words and this serves as good inspiration. Now, submittals and voting!
Andrew Allsop
I always enjoy resources like these. Super useful for the company and their market.
Vasanth Kamath
This is great stuff! Thanks @collinmathilde!
Ryan Hoover
Super useful. @whale's Really Good Emails is also a great resource.
Matthew Smith
@rrhoover We like to think so! We recently added live views so you can see how people built emails as well.
Scott Weinert
@collinmathilde great collection. I'll be keeping this as a reference.
Jeff Nolan
I think everyone interested in this has had an email folder dedicated to saving good examples of email communications from companies. Thanks for putting this together on a public url.
Mathilde Collin
@jeff_nolan thanks! please send us these emails and we'll add them on the website :)
Joyjeet Sarkar
Wow this looks really cool. I had a personal stash of such emails.
Mathilde Collin
@joy014 thank you :)
David McGraw
I've saved more copy to Evernote than you can imagine. This will be extremely useful! Thanks!
Miguel Novais
Thank you for such good email copy ;)
Csaba Kissi
Exceptional. Very useful for people building SaaS. Thank you @collinmathilde
Kushagra Agarwal
This is very useful! It would be awesome if there was a way to share those emails (permalinks?).
Luke Fitzpatrick
Very cool!!
Marija Hr
really great and useful concept/idea :)
Todd Broyles
This is awesome! Excited to see what the PH community recommends adding to the list. I can see investor emails being added as well.
Bill Lewis
Well done This always helpful for when one has writers block and needs to get it done. We know that email needs to be shorter and more engaging and using atool like this will certainly help

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