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Email Automation & Transactional Emails

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Data is everything. Vero enables engineering, product and marketing to collaborate on designing personalised customer interactions.

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The data driven way to manage your email experiences

Follow a powerful methodology for managing your off-site customer interactions

  • Collection

    Capture customer data & events

    Track and store your event stream in real time using our API or Segment integration.

  • Modelling

    Model your customer data

    Enable your entire team to model your event data and generate segments without touching code.

  • Automation

    Design and schedule advanced email workflows, collaborate on content and understand every interaction.

  • Deployment

    Deploy to Sendgrid, Mailgun & more

    Deploy and track your campaigns at scale using your choice of email delivery provider.

Vero encourages a collaborative deployment process that enables teams to work together to create customer interactions that are valuable and reliable.

  • Data is changing the world

    Organizations have more data than ever before. Using this data to deliver product experiences of value is critical to customer satisfaction.

  • It takes a team

  • Part of the modern stack

    Vero ingests your event stream, puts it to work and pushes interaction data back into it. Vero is critical in actioning your data, not just analysing it.

“Vero is the centre of our personalised product and marketing email campaigns.”

Kris Howard

Engineering Coordinator and Developer Relations

98.5% of the time, our customers love our support every time!

Email is mission critical. With team members spread around the world, Vero offers fast, reliable support 24/7 – we're real humans.

A platform engineers can rely on

Reliable and built on top of your event stream, Vero gets out of your way and gives you the power to create best-in-class product interactions like the hundreds of other businesses serving over 500m customers on the Vero platform. Libraries in Ruby, Python and more.

Put your data first and craft better product experiences

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Import your data, setup and test Vero for free.