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Recher Calculator

Awesome gesture-based calculator. Beautifully designed.

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Ryan Hoover
Neato. Another calculator app, Tydlig (, got a lot of attention a few weeks back on Product Hunt:
John Perkins
ooh, that's super slick. looks pretty powerful. thanks for sharing.
  • Features:
  • — 200% more efficient

We sought to create a calculator that is as beautiful as it is simple. Rechner is that calculator.

* v1.1

  • — Tap and hold on the display copies value
  • — Two successive swipes to the right sets function to multiply
  • — Two successive swipes to the left sets function to divide
  • Math Fixes:
  • — Fixed localization issue for countries using a comma as the decimal separator, which was causing many basic equations to return "0"
  • — Decimals now trim trailing zeros
  • — % now functions as a percent modifier rather than a modulus function
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