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Share bills and IOUs. Make sure everyone gets paid back.

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Ryan Hoover
This would have been super useful for me in college when I lived with three roommates.
Arun Sathiya
@rrhoover It's useful even after college life. Bill splits with colleagues, during hangouts and more. I love it! :D
i use this for my apt. so fucking useful.
Nadia Eghbal
Definitely useful. Used this with my roommates when I had them. We had been using BillMonk, but nobody seemed to be supporting the product anymore after it got sold to Obopay.
João Gonçalves
This is probably the most underrated app I've used in years.
roshan cariappa
Excellent app. Saves the every day troubles of keeping tabs. Would love an option to set the currency once and not each time an expense is entered (sorry, if it's there already and I haven't figured :)).
Joel Freeborn
We just used Splitwise for our trip to Prague (11 people) - the app was brilliant. Good job guys.
Arun Sathiya
Splitwise is my go-to for all bill splits these days. Very handy and is feature-packed, with new updates often.
I use this product for personal as well as professional purposes. Love it!

Split expenses with friends.

Share bills and IOUs. Make sure everyone gets paid back. Totally free for web, iPhone, and Android.
Splitwise takes the trouble out of sharing expenses – with friends, with roommates, with anyone.

We do the math for you

Splitwise keeps a running total over time, so you can pay each other back in one big payment, instead of a bunch of small ones.

Friendly email reminders

Get notified when the rent check is due…or get a reminder when you forget to pay someone back.

We’re fairness experts

How should we split the cost of rent? At what point is a girlfriend a roommate? Participate in cool fairness research and get advice on all sorts of common sharing problems.

Bring Splitwise anywhere

No need to save the receipt! With mobile apps for iPhone and Android, you can add expenses as soon as they happen.

And best of all? It's totally free.

Ready to give Splitwise a spin?