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App for the envelope system

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Kevin Li
this is a smart way to budget
Derek Shanahan
I wish it auto-synced to bank accts.
Andy Keil
@dshan Envelopes don't sync to bank accounts.
Derek Shanahan
@alwaysunday Indeed! Why I don't use them. Did a little digging and it seems they're pretty opposed to the passive sync, which I can understand. A lot of personal finance apps seem to fall on that side of the coin, but I have a sense it's because they're very 'post-Mint' (not to understate their position on actively updating your budget/spending). I personally want my personal finance management apps to update automatically, because I simply won't do it myself. It feels archaic.
Andy Keil
@dshan I use You Need A Budget for that exact reason. I'm more in control of my budget than ever before since I input every transaction myself. Once you're used to it, it doesn't really take up much time and I always have a good sense of where I am budget-wise without having to check Mint.
Javier Sandoval
@dshan that's a premium feature that I bought. Love it. World's better than Mint.
John Perkins
uh oh @alwaysunday. you might have just changed my life.
@alwaysunday YNAB is awesome :)


1. Put your income in envelopes.

The cash for each month's expenses is taken out and divided into envelopes for each budget category. Like groceries, transportation, eating out, and rent.

2. Spend from the envelope.

Along the way, you take money out of an envelope to spend. For each category, spend out of the designated envelope -- and only that envelope!

3. Stop spending and see how much you saved.

Stop once you've emptied the envelope -- or before if you're really disciplined.

Rather than figuring out that you overspent after the fact, you plan your spending beforehand and only spend what you have.

The problem is, carrying around a lot of cash in this age of debit cards and credit cards isn't really convenient or safe.

Envelope budgeting in the 21st century

Use Goodbudget. Goodbudget helps you to stick to your budget limits without the hassle of keeping actual cash in physical envelopes. It's available on the Web, Android, and iPhone. Save for big expenses, share household expenses, and budget on-the-go. Goodbudget makes it easy to live out a budget based on the envelope budgeting system.

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