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A delightful and easy to use task manager for Mac and iOS

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Kevin Li
i hear great things about things (no pun intended) but can never get into it =(, am I just blind to it's structure?
Adam Lieb
Visually, this looks a lot like Teambox (which is what we use for collaboration/PM)
Anuj Adhiya
Apple has chosen Things for iPhone and iPad as their Free App of the Week—a worldwide promotion that makes both apps free for everyone:

The all-new Things

Things is the award-winning personal task manager that helps you achieve your goals.

This all-new version has been rethought from the ground up: it’s got an all-new design, delightful new interactions, and powerful new features.

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Get Things, Get Done

The apps are available on Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. Check out our 15 day free trial of Things for Mac.

For Mac

macOS 10.11+ $49.99 (US)