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On-demand local liquor delivery

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I saw Mini Bar posted yesterday. I had an early alpha invite to use Thirstie and it was great with prices way lower than I anticipated (I assumed it was all going to be at a steep premium). I think Thirstie is only in NYC right now as well
Ryan Hoover
More uber for alcohol!? :) Here’s the thread re: Minibar posted by @BrianMalkerson yesterday: Anyone use either of these services?
@rrhoover Haha. I know right? Next thing you know it, you'll be able to order a pizza right from your phone. Now THAT sounds like the future!
Brian Malkerson
better yet, pizza and alcohol from your phone :)
Andy Keil
And puppies. I wish their site would mention where they deliver without having to input and address...
@alwaysunday Yea you're right... their FB page has a map

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