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Ryan Hoover
Excited to play around with this. I saw an early version a while back and see its potential.
Phil Toronto
Looks like you were quicker on your post! Super interesting.
Kevin Li
so stealth
Geoffrey Weg
@rrhoover Let's get @biz in here for an AMA!
Jonathan Tzou
Agree - an appearance by @biz would be $. This product is fantastic.
Geoffrey Weg
Interesting how Jelly is positioning itself as a way to "search."
Ryan Hoover
@semil just shared some interesting initial thoughts on Jelly -
Arjun Sethi
I think their whole approach is interesting. Not advocating that this is a successful model, but the joy you receive at each and every step of the process while posting, answering and getting answered is delightful.
Kevin Li
^^^ what arj said
Grace Ng
Wow. What's mind-blowing for me is I launched this same exact concept 3 years ago. But it failed. I still believe in the idealistic vision, but not the approach.
Javier Sandoval
@uxceo read your post. funny that you observed people wanted opinions on wardrobes
Brian Shih
Despite the "x for y" cliche, this does look like Aardvark for mobile.
Ellen Chisa
@bshih yes! now that you mention it, it does remind me of that interaction. Although I liked that on Aardvark I could target - I've scrolled through a ton of questions on Jelly, and most of them aren't things I could answer or already have tons of answers.
Derek Shanahan
@bshih I immediately thought Aardvark for mobile as well.
Beautiful app. Curious if relying on ongoing people's empathy, vs a gaming/reward will keep people engaged for long though?
Robert Shedd
@bshih yep - made me think of Aardvark, too
David Spinks
Yea not sure empathy is going to really do it. People answer questions on platforms like quora because it makes them feel important and they build a reputation over time. Might be wrong but it looks like on Jelly it's just fleeting responses so it can only reach the one person who asked it. At first glance, the community dynamic here will be really hard to sustain. And having worked with Zaarly for a year, anything request driven is extra hard. Smart team though so maybe they can figure it out.
Daniel Jefferies
Agree @DavidSpinks. Just my first impression but Jelly feels like your drunk friends blurting answers to useless questions at 3am. By contrast, Quora feels like a dinner party where your most intelligent friends thoughtfully discuss things that are important. I can see tweens co-opting Jelly for the ever popular "Is this girl/guy hot?" use case.
Ryan Hoover
On first impression, I really like Jelly, although it's very hard to know if it will keep me hooked long-term. The friend of a friend connections is my favorite aspect and is a great way to engage w/ new people in a few new way. I'll have more thoughts on this in the coming week.
Noah Lichtenstein
As I tweeted about yesterday, I like the concept, but struggle to figure out whether this will be a utility or merely for entertainment...and how will it filter users so if you want utility, you avoid getting the humor/sarcasm? I agree with @Daniel Jefferies that it just feels like drunk people blurting answers right now.