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Get oil paintings of your instagram photos

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Shaan Puri
from China!
Will Freeman
@ShaanVP Yep. All our artists are based in Xiamen. They're all great and we feature them on the site.
Derek Shanahan
I love these types of products.
Kevin Li
this is an amazing idea
Will Freeman
@liveink Thanks! We give discounts for flattery
Ryan Hoover
This is wayyy cooler than my Stickygram magnets (although those are pretty cool too). http://stickygram.com/
Will Freeman
@rrhoover We love sticky9, especially their site design
Will Freeman
Hey folks, I'm Will, one of two founders of Pixelist. Happy to answer any questions.
Starting at $149

Starting at $149- Commission a handmade oil painting from one of our professional artists.

  • Top Quality

    We use only experienced, professional painters and the best quality materials.

  • Use any Image

    From Instagram to Face- book or Flickr, you can upload any photo or image.

  • Service & Consulting

    Design assistance to custom materials, we’re here to make your order smooth and simple.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    Receive an image of your painting by email & request changes until you're satisfied!

As seen on:
  • “When I opened the package my jaw dropped to the ground. IT'S SO AWESOME! Honestly the details and quality of this painting are breathtaking. I truly love it!”

    Robert Jahns: Art Director & Digital Artist with over 400,000 instagram followers (@nois7)

  • "I was impressed by the quality of the paintings. They make such a unique gift at a very reasonable price. And it's so much more special to know they are hand painted."

    Katherine Don, Founder, CenterPiece Art Advisory

  • “I don't think I've ever heard the words ‘you're so thoughtful’ quite so many times in such a short time. Come to think of it I don't think I've ever heard those words”

    Ben White, “The Gift Master”

  • "With both these paintings you've brought tears to my eyes. They're absolutely magnificent!"

    Jesper Hessius, Loving son