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Mute/control the internet

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Ryan Hoover
Nice, @ZackShapiro's project! Zack- Now that you're working on Luna, what are your plans with Silencer?
Kevin Li
perfect when people are talking about american football on twitter!
Zack Shapiro
@rrhoover @dshan I open-sourced Silencer a month ago or so. No plans to continue working on it but I will accept pull requests for it if anyone writes one. Thanks for posting Derek!
Derek Shanahan
@liveink haha - i may mute viralnova and upworthy cuz #toomuch @ZackShapiro nice! link?
Kevin Li
but upworthy! if you mute you get banned to christian hell!
Zack Shapiro
@dshan We have mute packs in there for a bunch of sites, as I'm sure you've seen. Viralnova and Upworthy would be great additions. It's broken on Facebook due to changes in their DOM structure they made, so fixing that is the #1 PR right now, if anyone wants to fix it.
Yuval Shoshan
Very cool idea!
Joel Runyon
Is this still working? If not, are there any worthy alternatives? @zachshapiro