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Launch This Year

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Ryan Hoover
Good to see many product hunters ( @andrewchen, @hnshah, @byosko, @spencerfry) curating the content. Reminds me of Hack Design (cc @alexbaldwin). @mikaelcho - What is your goal with Launch This Year?
Mikael Cho
Ya, I enjoy Hack Design. I think @alexbaldwin did a great job with it. The goal of Launch This Year is to help add a level of transparency to all the facets of the process of building the company - from creating a product to hiring a team to raising money from investors. We wanted to make it easy to find quality content about these topics, organized in a simple way. There's so many challenges you'll come across and choices you'll need to make along the way. Our hope is that Launch This Year will be a survival guide of sorts - a compass for navigating the murky waters of building a company.
Ryan Hoover
@mikaelcho - Props! I like this direction and has some similarities to Startup Edition ( and Sequoia's Grove ( @ashbhoopathy is one of the builders behind it). What are you metrics for success? Do you have a specific goal in mind? P.S. @mishachellam & @rklusas will love this too.
Mikael Cho
Thanks @rrhoover ! An important goal of this is educating all entrepreneurs, including those who may be starting their first business. Before starting my first company, I remember trying to read everything but it was often hard to distill what my next step should be. We're hoping Launch This Year will help shed some light on a general direction and be a source of inspiration to keep moving forward.
Geoffrey Weg
Congrats on launching this. Great curators there. Also has similarities to Startup{ery (
Ryan Hoover
@mikaelcho - Are you planning to add community features or ways for founders to connect with one another through Launch This Year? cc @mijustin
Ben Yoskovitz
I probably should get my ass in gear and start curating! :)

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