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Headache free subscription billing solution

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Ryan Hoover
How does this compare to Stripe, Chargify, and others @prayanks?
Seb Kreutzberger
@rrhoover @prayanks It is now 2 years since the product was added here and I had a deeper look into Chargebee as a customer. I compared them with Chargify and many similar invoicing solutions which work on top of Stripe. Generally, they take care for all about billing, from collection credit card details to generating and sending invoices and handling plan updates (which is very complicated!). For me the 2 big USPs of Chargebee are: 1. that they get the very complex topic of international VAT taxation right. They detect European VAT per country, support VAT ID for exemption, etc. If you would do that manually you would need an accountant. No other invoicing solution on top of Stripe offers that. 2. you get a fully customizable customer portal for free where your customers can edit their plans, update their credit cards, etc. In general, it seems that with Chargebee you get a full SaaS payment & invoicing solutions with no or very little coding 👍
Prayank Swaroop
ChargeBee is an abstraction layer on top of Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.Net etc., but more sophisticated for recurring billing needs. Similar to Stripe with the way REST API is designed. Similar to Chargify in lot of ways as a solution. Lot of things ChargeBee deliver that makes it flexible - different in the way they deliver custom SaaS Metrics ($249+ plan), non-card payments (invoice billing), custom fields & custom domain support etc. It is an up & coming solution focused on all kinds of recurring use cases.

Join 5000+ companies that use Chargebee to easily manage subscriptions at scale, handle custom recurring billing scenarios, reduce subscription churn and simplify accounting.

There’s more to subscriptions

Renewals and recurring charges just scratch the surface. Soon, you'd expect more from your subscriptions. Like running pricing experiments. Upselling with add-ons. And letting your team, not just the developers, manage subscriptions first-hand. We've built everything that you'd need to steer your way through the nuances of subscriptions.

Recurring Billing and Invoicing can be a pain in the SaaS

Building something which is more-than-just-good requires great effort. And that’s exactly why you should focus on your product and quit worrying about the nitty gritties of invoicing. Staying tax compliant. Smart retry logic to recover lost revenue or calculate proration. Sending customers beautiful and clear invoices. Anything that may come your way, we’ve got you covered!

Make peace with payments

Options & Security. Two aspects of payments that help you deliver a stellar customer experience with complete peace of mind. We’re PCI level 1 compliant, which means customer information stays safe. Also, we complement most of the global gateways with one smart API, enabling multiple payment options - online, offline, and alternative.