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Replace your new tab page with focus goals

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Wade Foster
Found this just yesterday. Pretty neat idea.
William Peng
I love this. Would be perfect if it were multi-platform.
Nathan Bashaw
I've been using it for a few days and I really like it, too! Would be cool if you could add some of your own photos into the mix for the background image
ash bhoopathy
Yeah, I've been using it for a few days too and more than anything else, I realize how often I actually see the new tab screen on chrome. If you all are anything like me and infovores constantly opening new tabs, I'm sure you're the same. Noticing it made me realize how valuable a piece of real estate a fresh new chrome tab is.
Woosung Ahn 안우성
great!- just added & already recommended to my wife ;)
Adam Lieb
Awesome! Just started using this. Reminds me a bit of inbox 0 on mailbox app.
Daniel Jefferies
Installed 24 hours ago. Love it. Having one focus per day is a one of my favorite work habits. This supports that very well.
Ryan Hoover
I installed this a few days ago and loving it. The photography is beautiful.
Kevin Li
this is amazing
Helen Crozier
gorgeous... it's improved over the last few months as well.
Stan Reimgen
I love momentum. Its simple and beautiful to use and now I use it every day in combination with the Pomodoro task strategy: Setting 8 goals every day in the morning, each 25min long, 5min break. New or remained goals are simply taken to the next day with Momentum. So far, worked for me pretty good :)
Samrat Krishna
It now has a sign up option and it makes syncing possible. One major aspect that was missing till now.
Chloe Nicholls
I love this app and how the content stays fresh! Great to have inspirational images to welcome you every day :)
Brad Mills
Awesome plugin, found this from an episode of the tim ferriss podcast and I've been using it for a month or so.
Kevin Siskar
Big fan of Momentum. Only thing that could make it better is including my bookmarks bar when I open a new tab
Brett Ede
Huge fan of Momentum. I've tried other plugins that replace my new tab but I keep coming back to this one. Absolute perfect example of beauty in simplicity. The Plus version adds customizability and external app support.
I used this a lot when I was a Chrome user, but switched to Safari a year or two ago and have missed it. There's an unofficial version available for Safari, but it is buggy and does not work correctly. I'm currently using the regular website as my new tabs page. Hopefully full Safari support will eventually be available!
Shoichi AIZAWA
I installed this yesterday 💻 This is by far the best Chrome Tab extension for me 😍 Up until yesterday, I was using the extension by Product Hunt; I loved this very much but the Product Hunt one entices me into an endless exploration, which can be distracting sometimes. From now on, I will switch these extensions back and forth when I feel like to do ↔
Mert Erdir
I love this. But not having total Safari support is a major bummer. Also, I'd love to see more features added but the product blog seems to be pretty outdated. This is an amazing idea and it really makes you feel good when you open a new tab, but it has so much more potential!
Paula Shin
This saved my day, just so many times :) Great photography btw. Always an amazing selection.