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Enterprise Snapchat!

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Ryan Hoover
Looks like TigerText ( Have you played w/ it @choosenick? cc @liveink.
Adrian Grant
Any thoughts as to the use cases outside of journalism? Having a record of convos with co-workers seems pretty valuable
Geoffrey Weg
@AdrianGrant Government is one (see the latest scandal in NJ- Illegal insider trading-type communication is another. These are obviously not the most kosher use cases but it is situations like these that can create the threat of subpoenas. Not sure why anyone would use this in entreprise/gov instead of email unless they were worried about such a threat. I wonder what the regulations are in different sectors around electronic communication. I believe that in some governments employees/politicians/etc. need to use government-issued devices, phone numbers and email addresses. I would imagine a part of the reason is to make their communications available. I can imagine Confide, etc. being prohibited as a result, and I doubt there's a big enough market of people willing to circumvent these rules.
Kevin Li
tigertext is amazing, focusing on the finance / health space was clutch for them
Nadia Eghbal
I'd use this even outside of the enterprise use case. Could be a more long-form alternative to Snapchat.
Ryan Hoover
Peek ( is another ephemeral mobile messaging app. I've used it a little but TBH, don't see value in it for myself. IMHO, too many apps are tagging on ephemerality because it's "cool" without thinking through the "why." Happy to be corrected if anyone has a different opinion.
Kevin Li
the why is super important, also the people building these ephemerality apps should probably try living the life once in a while (that of a spy =))
Nick Marsh
@rrhoover TBH I think chat apps are naturally ephemeral - who scrolls back more than the past 20/30 messages anyway? Seems like a private 1-2-1 message service aimed at business that destroys after reading is better as a feature of HipChat or whatever
Josh Elman
I agree tiger text has done a great job for hipaa compliance for health and in finance. I think lots of opportunities in general work such as talking about private deal or a personal or employee matter where this format may be preferred me get people to type instead of phone
Kevin Li
Ryan Hoover
I scoffed at this ephemeral app when I first heard about it but a few product people I respect keep recommending it. Will give it a chance. :)
Jon Brod
Thanks for all the interest and apologies for the late reply. We built Confide to allow professionals and business people to write online what they have only been willing to say offline. At a high-level, we think Confide is particularly useful for instances where you would ordinarily write "Let's take this offline, I'll call you"; "Confidential, don't forward"; or "Can I get your personal email, I don't want this on the work servers". That is, where you don't want something on the permanent, digital record and where you don't want both sender and receiver to have a copy. More specifically, we think personnel matters, deal discussions, and even personal opinions regarding controversial or sensitive business issues are relevant use cases. Private, confidential, impermanent discussions among professionals happen all the time in the offline world - through business phone calls, over coffee, at meet-ups and even in the hallways and at the water coolers. We're trying to bring this proven, offline convention online. And with the asynchronous benefit that online allows. I hope this is helpful. And I hope you'll take Confide for a spin. As importantly, I hope you'll send me feedback - good, bad or indifferent. Confide me at:
Ryan Hoover
Congrats on the $1.9M raise, @jbrod! by @ryanlawler
Jon Brod
Thanks, @rrhoover! We're really excited about the investor group…!
Ryan Hoover
@jbrod yeah! I should have mentioned, several of them are on Product Hunt. :)
Ryan Hoover
@jbrod been using Confide recently and loving it. Very well done.
Jon Brod
Glad you're enjoying it, @rrhoover, and so nice of you to say. The team is really terrific.
Ryan Hoover
Android friends! Confide is now on Google Play as of yesterday.


Communicate digitally with the same level of privacy and security as the spoken word.


Confidential means more than just encryption


Confide uses industry-standard end-to-end encryption to keep your messages safe and to ensure they can only be read by the intended recipients.


Messages disappear forever after they are read once, making them as private and secure as the spoken word.

Confide keeps your communication safe by protecting your messages from screenshot attempts.

Confide uses industry-standard end-to-end encryption to keep your messages safe.

Industry-Standard Cryptography

Confide utilizes industry-standard cryptography to keep your messages safe and secure. We combine this with a simple and intuitive user experience to provide superior security, with no configuration required.

End-to-End Encryption

All messages between Confide users are end-to-end encrypted. Encryption keys are generated locally on each device and the private key never leaves the device, ensuring that only the intended recipients can read your messages.

Transport Layer Security

All communication goes through Transport Layer Security (TLS), preventing any possible man-in-the-middle attack and providing yet another layer of security, privacy and data integrity.


Encryption is an important component of confidentiality but it’s not the only one. After a message is decrypted it becomes vulnerable. It can be archived, printed and even forwarded. But Confide messages self-destruct. After they are read once, they are gone. We delete them from our servers and wipe them from the device. No forwarding, no printing, no saving … no nothing.

Screenshot Protected

Screenshots have the potential of making the impermanent permanent. Confide prevents screenshots on most platforms and configurations.

Where prevention is not technically feasible, our patented reading experience ensures that only one line of the message (or a sliver of an image or document) is unveiled at a time and that the sender’s name is not visible. For videos, screenshots are prevented entirely on all platforms.

If a screenshot is attempted on iOS, we also kick the recipient out of the message and notify the sender of the screenshot attempt.

Image captured by an attempted screenshot (it’s just a gray box)

Photos, Videos, Documents, Voice & Group Messaging

Send text, photos, videos, documents and voice messages to individuals or groups. Like text, all photos, videos, documents and voice messages are encrypted, ephemeral and screenshot-protected. Communicate in whatever format you’d like, without leaving a copy behind.

Subscribe to Confide Plus for more features and more control.

Unlimited Attachments

Send an unlimited number of Confide messages with an attachment — photo, video, document, voice message or sticker.

Message Retraction

We have all sent messages we wish we could take back. Message retraction allows you to retract (or “un-send”) unread messages.


Personalize your Confide app with custom themes. Whatever your mood, Confide has a theme for you.

Priority Support

Whether it’s a problem, question or suggestion, you’ll jump to the front of the queue with priority customer support.

Available Everywhere

Confide is available for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and Apple Watch and allows you to stay connected at your desk or on the go. Confide is also translated into 15 languages and is currently being used in over 200 countries worldwide.