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Generate product screenshots in realistic environments

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Ryan Hoover
Love this! For the Hooked book, we used Boxshot ( to create a book cover for the site, It also offers 3D rendering of tablets, soda cans, coffee cups, CD cases, and more. The standard edition costs $79.
Adam Lieb
Awesome. I've been looking for something like this. Saves about 3 minutes per image in Photoshop. Will bookmark!
Yuval Shoshan
This is great! Very useful - thanks!
Raphael Ouzan
I like this a lot, been using it for presentations many times
Greg Meyer
Instantly useful.
Ryan Hoover
The guys behind Placeit (the #1 most upvoted product on Product Hunt so far) shared a new product with me yesterday that should be launching shortly. It's basically an evolution of their current product. You guys are gonna love it. :)
Adam Lieb
Just had a good laugh. Just got an email saying you can now email a screengrab to and they'll send you back some screen shots. Sounds awesome, easy, and worth a test out. Why not? But what the heck is in the top left of this screenshot though??? I feel like I'm getting pranked
Kevin Nakao
I've recently started to use Placeit - simple with a great selection of backdrops -- especially the transparent backgrounds. Nice work!

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