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Kevin Li
this is cool
Ryan Hoover
YES, this looks great. I might try using this for @StartupEdition. Thanks for sharing, Nick!

NodeBB is next generation forum software. It's powerful, mobile-ready and easy to use.

The best solution for engaging and retaining customers.

From brand communities to product support boards, forums are a great way to engage and provide value to your audience.

At NodeBB, our mission is to provide forum software with all the modern features and performance you’ve come to expect from the social and mobile web.

NodeBB powers thousands of communities, including...

Why NodeBB?

Mobile Responsive

NodeBB is mobile-first, allowing for a perfect experience on every device and screen.



Enhance your rankings with human-readable URLs, semantic HTML with embedded microdata, and more.

Social Integration

Easy sharing of content to Facebook, Google, and Twitter, bringing more visitors to your community.

Real-time Streaming


Your Analytics Dashboard has the real-time tools to show what content your users enjoy most.

Next: All the features you need - built to work on all devices. Modern Design