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The Smart Inbox For Your Money

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Raphael Ouzan
Hi dear Product Hunters, we designed BillGuard to leverage crowd data and delightful UX to be the smartest, fastest way to track your spending and save money. We keep on iterating to empower consumers, in an actionable way. As we're gearing up towards our Android launch, my team and I would love your feedback.
Ryan Hoover
Welcome @raphaelouzan! I've been really bad at tracking my finances so I'm excited to try this out. Tell us the short backstory to BillGuard. Why did you decide to build this?
Derek Shanahan
Excited as well, been trying everything in this space. Does this integrate / sync accounts?
Raphael Ouzan
The backstory? Well, we were also bad at tracking our bills. Then we found out about those small charges that just didn't belong there. A bit of research later, it became clear to us that many merchants, big and small, were taking advantage of the fact that we don't check meticulously, padding our bills with hidden fees, rising or forgotten subscriptions using misleading... but legal tactics. That's why we combined the data of millions of people who report bad charges everyday to this one central brain to alert you to stuff you shouldn't be paying for. Since then, we've expanded our mandate, leveraging our algorithms and our love for habit creating user experience to help people save money. We're providing the smartest, fastest way to track your spending with a beautiful inbox, helping you compete with yourself to save more month after month and getting alerted whenever you could pay less for something you're about to buy.
Raphael Ouzan
@dshan You can add any credit, debit or savings account to BillGuard (in the US).
looks awesome. gorgeous landing page.
Adrian Grant
I've seen different incarnations of the product and the design has always been spot on! @raphaelouzan can you talk a bit about building a product where a portion of users are based in other countries than you are ? Note: I work for an investor in BillGuard
Daehee Park
I use the BillGuard iOS app daily as part of my morning routine along with YNAB. Really nice work on the UX. I'd love to see background syncing so that I don't have to wait for all the new transactions to load every time.
Raphael Ouzan
Regarding building a product for a foreign market - Great question. Our product & tech team is working out of Tel Aviv and our market, for the time being is US only. We put a lot of effort in overcoming this challenge. We obsess over user feedback, shooting out surveys, slicing and dicing quantitative and qualitative input. We try to be as humble as we can to always be learning, relying on analytics to study behavior. On the flip side, we have some of the best programmers and data people that we could ever imagine in a team that can design and build virtually anything. In terms of experience and design, it's a constant challenge to set the bar to SV while we're not physically there, but we do as best as we can to treat the latest and greatest innovations as a starting point and we start from there. We couldn't do it without the wonderful investors, partners, advisors and friends who we talk to on a daily basis. It's a really an ongoing exercise of knowing what you don't know and forcing yourself to be listening, always.
Paul Noonan
BillGuard was acquired by Prosper in September 2015 (cc: @jackdweck)