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Powerful to-do list with Evernote integration

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Ryan Hoover
Every day another to-do list is posted on Product Hunt. :P Do you use this, @kjemperud? How is it unique?
Thomas K. Running
Well, to call it a to-do list is really a big understatement. It's a fully fledged GTD system, that integrates seamlessly with Evernote (in addition to the normal GCal integration), both for inboxing and archiving. If you're a GTD fan and you use Evernote as your primary way of capturing information, Zendone is basically unbeatable. And yes, I use it myself, every day.

Beautiful GTD™ software for Getting Things Done

GTD language and vocabulary

Evernote integration

Google calendar integration

Thousands of people get things done with zendone every day

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