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Derek Shanahan
Interesting. We were going to build this internally - any clue as to who's behind it?
Derek Shanahan
Hm, site's pretty dead, huh? I'd love to connect with whomever's behind it as our company would love to get something like this off the ground meaningfully.
Ryan Hoover
Here you go, @dshan. ;) (via domain whois): Registrant Name: Ben Dickenson Registrant Street: 1012/100 Harbour Esplanade Registrant City: Docklands Registrant State/Province: South Australia Registrant Postal Code: 3008 Registrant Country: Australia Registrant Phone: (040) 037-0380 Registrant Email:
Eric Seufert
It's a former colleague of mine, Ben Dickenson. You can reach him on Twitter at @Ben_au.