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Ryan Hoover
Curious to hear if @mijustin, former Product People podcaster, has experience/thoughts on this.
Andy Keil
Maybe we can get @joshlong or @jonbuda in here to answer a few questions.
Justin Jackson
It's too bad their homepage doesn't give much right now - I personally wouldn't sign-up based on what's there. However, these listener stats look solid: The biggest challenge with targeting podcasters is most of them are hobbyists (and don't want to pay for much) or nerds (and want to set things up themselves). That being said, Simplecast's pricing looks competitive compared to Libsyn
Jon Buda
@mijustin Understandable. We'll definitely be updating the homepage to be more reflective of the product as a whole as we release new features in the coming weeks. We've been primarily focused on the internal features thus far and being a small team of two, we've had to pick and choose. Agreed on the target audience. We obviously can't target everyone, nor do we want to, but we're confident we're providing a great deal of value and simplicity for those starting out and for the nerds who may think about building something themselves. Nerds do love building things themselves, but being one myself I'd rather pay someone like Github instead of building a version control system, or in this case, pay someone to host a podcast instead of mucking about in Wordpress or something similar. We're still young and have plenty of big plans – Simplecast will undoubtedly evolve. Appreciate the feedback!
Something like this was bound to happen. I actually had a similar idea in Evernote but I couldn't come up with any major advantages over self-hosting or SoundCloud. Simplecast seems like a valuable tool.

One-click publishing to Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Google Play, or wherever your audience listens. Unlimited listener downloads, no episode upload caps. Industry-trusted listener analytics, a customizable website, embeddable audio players, and much more—all for only $12 a month.

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